Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yokozuna, Chadstone MELB

Hello fellow readers!! I am back from an extremely long hiatus and I am looking forward to getting back into my usual blogging rhythm. After spending the morning running errands, it was time to tuck into a hearty bowl of noodles.

Considering that it is winter in Australia and that I have not tasted a strand of noodle in such a long time, I've decided to bring the sister to Chadstone for lunch. Despite frequenting Chadstone quite a fair bit, I found it strange how the thought of dining here never really did cross my mind.

We got here at around 12.30pm and it was packed full of people, noting that there is a queue outside the restaurant. Customer turnover was quick that day so we did not have to wait too long.

Iced matcha latte ~ call me crazy but the closest I've gotten to matcha in the last couple of months was in the form of sencha aka tea in hot water. Not overly sweet but would have liked a little less ice in the cup.

Chicken karaage udon ~ the sister loves her udon or ramen noodles and so, it was not a surprise she ordered this. The broth was piping hot, chicken pieces were not too oily and each strand of udon was evenly separated. Overall, I wouldn't mind ordering this again.

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