Friday, August 26, 2011

One more piece..or more?

Imagine a world without colour...yeap, it sucks big time.

Macarons anyone? Haha.. here's my final Melbourne post (yes, finally after so many weeks of procastination!).

Melbourne macarons are heaps better than Adelaide macarons. The end. Haha. Ok, let me explain why. Firstly, some Adelaide macarons cost more than $2.50 (average price for a piece of macaron). Why on earth would you want to pay so much for something that you don't know if it tastes decent or not? Despite the price crisis, some of the macarons taste wayy below standard.

By now, you would think I'm a moron and a fussy eater. Let me clarify what is a respectable macaron. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and definitely not too sweet. Bad characteristics would include dryness, air-y/ hollow shell, lack of flavour and extremely sweet.

Melbourne macarons (especially those in the top 20 rating as seen in Melbourne macaron) are far superior in terms of taste, structure and price. Each one of them triumph in their own distinctive ways but all in all, you won't be disappointed.

Luxbite macarons~ wide variety of flavours to choose from. Apparently it's recommended by the Patisserie master, Adriano Zumbo.

Choukette macaron~


Luxbite~ I think I'm getting addicted to chocolate freckles:3


Cacao~ my favourite in terms of their macaron shells.

Lindt chocolate macarons~ from what I remember, it's about $2.70 (i think!!). If you do have time to travel, do head out to other places as recommended by Melbourne macaron website.

Gelatissimo macarons~ After not having macarons for some time, it's finally time to treat myself. costs $2.90 each!!-.- I'm not going there again;(



And now for some coloured pictures to celebrate the creation of colour by our Father:)

With spring/ summer around the corner, why not add some colour into your wardrobe?:)

To those who ask me where I hide my extra flab, now you know...

It's a pair of turquoise heels..apologies for the bad lighting:( I'm still practicing!!

Berry colour the new autumn/winter colour:)

Maxi dresses!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead guys! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Melbourne by foot

A brief overview of Melbourne; from heritage sites to modern buildings to random sceneries:)

QV Mall~

Craving for churros now:p

Le grande museum~

My most hectic week is finally over and I'm looking forward to my usual relaxing weeks ahead. I'll be having back to back classes in the coming weeks so be patient with my lack of updates. Will attempt something different for the upcoming posts.

Btw, if anybody's interested, my schoolmate had just won Miss Malaysia 2011 last saturday!!!!!! Wasn't 100% expecting her to win and although I did attempt to watch the pageant via lifestreaming, the connection here's awful:( Eitherways, big congrats to her!!:) Hartamas pride lol

Friday, August 12, 2011

More food from the kitchen

Alas, I have finally uploaded most of my melbourne trip food pictures although I am keeping a little surprise upcoming post for the sugar addicts out there;) And now, some homemade food of which, much experimenting is necessary.

Ingredients for my homemade chicken schnitzel~ Just because I had extra chicken thigh fillets (and I wanted something fast).

Tip: Make sure chicken cooks thoroughly..very difficult for amateur cooks like myself to estimate:(

Salmon~ after all the hype about omega 3 benefits. 2 fish meals a week!!

Hainanese chicken butchering in the process~ never boil the chicken for too long otherwise you'll get soft chicken-.-

Curry puff~ once again, I am in search for the perfect filling recipe. Although...the crust had a nice spiral texture to it. Will upload the complete recipe once I've perfected it so stay tuned;)

Croissants! More recipe editing needed because my dough was a little heavy (either overworked or just wrong timing?)

Tip: Do NOT coat more than 2 times (otherwise the croissants'll brown faster-.-). Unfortunately for me, I just had to have itchy hands...coating is so addictivexD

Tip 2: Make sure you roll out the dough thinly unless you want thick, short croissants

Satay chicken before cooking~

After cooking~ anybody up for a bbq night?xD

Cekodok~ fried banana balls