Friday, August 12, 2011

More food from the kitchen

Alas, I have finally uploaded most of my melbourne trip food pictures although I am keeping a little surprise upcoming post for the sugar addicts out there;) And now, some homemade food of which, much experimenting is necessary.

Ingredients for my homemade chicken schnitzel~ Just because I had extra chicken thigh fillets (and I wanted something fast).

Tip: Make sure chicken cooks thoroughly..very difficult for amateur cooks like myself to estimate:(

Salmon~ after all the hype about omega 3 benefits. 2 fish meals a week!!

Hainanese chicken butchering in the process~ never boil the chicken for too long otherwise you'll get soft chicken-.-

Curry puff~ once again, I am in search for the perfect filling recipe. Although...the crust had a nice spiral texture to it. Will upload the complete recipe once I've perfected it so stay tuned;)

Croissants! More recipe editing needed because my dough was a little heavy (either overworked or just wrong timing?)

Tip: Do NOT coat more than 2 times (otherwise the croissants'll brown faster-.-). Unfortunately for me, I just had to have itchy hands...coating is so addictivexD

Tip 2: Make sure you roll out the dough thinly unless you want thick, short croissants

Satay chicken before cooking~

After cooking~ anybody up for a bbq night?xD

Cekodok~ fried banana balls

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