Monday, January 24, 2011

Home 7: The day before tomorrow

As the countdown day approaches, I seem to be pigging out more on snacks as well as during meal times. Haha. My diet regimen just flew out of the window before I realized what was I chewingxD

Honey stars~ honey coated cereal for nibbling on while watching tv or when reading:)

Cny treat~ kuih ka pek!! Am also craving for pineapple cookies, peanut cookies:(

Cny treat~ vegetarian dish with mushrooms, black fungus, glass noodles and a whole lot of other stuff (of which I have no idea what's it called)

Cny sausages and salted duck~ Arrowhead potato slices, duck sausage (red), liver sausage (black) and salted duck^^

Coffee swiss rollcake~ not too bad but I prefer strawberry jam instead;)

Curry maggi mee with egg~my lunch!:D

I'm still stuck with packing my luggages. My handcarry luggage is approximately 8kg? Should I be concerned? =/

Last Malaysian post of the year. Will be taking off at 9.45pm tomorrow. Wish me luck back there and hopefully the weather's not too dreadful=x

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Past, present and future

It's been slightly more than a year since I wrote about my sister's departure back to Adelaide, which symbolized the responsibilities she'll have to bear with in preparation to joining the workforce. And now, it's my turn to stand at the same spotlight and embrace the unforeseen pathways that will soon unfold.

Picture credited to Brighten the path

Don't get me wrong, but I do anticipate a fun filled 2011 year. There's so many things to look forward to such as:

1. decorating my new apartment. College life wasn't exactly spacious to begin with as most of the common facilities (ie kitchen and bathroom) had to be shared. In addition to the already limited storing space available, there are a few messy mates who tend to make the common area a living nightmare for others. I am finally able to display my stuff without having to worry about theft cases:)

Picture credited to Bedroom wallpaper ideas

2. new mix and match clothing inspirations! Although I am not obsessed with fashion trends, I do like to browse through lookbooks and gain new ideas on different ways of wearing an outfit. Currently, I'm addicted to Chriselle Lim, an American Korean celebrity fashion stylist and founder of a fashion production company based in LA. Imagine the bliss of waking up to Valentino, YSL, LV, lanvin etc etc everyday!!

Picture credited to Chriselle Lim

3. Prom!! The much awaited event after suffering throughout those gruesome, dreadful years of studying! Would definitely be a memorable night filled with laughter and camwhoring sessions with fantastic companions as we partayy until midnight (or later?)xD

Picture credited to Deco

Now for some agonizing news flash. Arriving in Adelaide would indicate the need for me to step up and be more consultation-able in order to extract accurate information from patients. This means that I would also need to be better equipped with the necessary knowledge for the sake of impressing preceptors otherwise I can kiss my job applications sayonara.

On the other hand, I will have unfulfilled food/shopping cravings which cannot be cured unless I return home:( I did collect numerous recipes to occupy the void in me but am fearful on failing to produce replicas of my favourite delicacies. As for the shopping part, nothing much can be said unless some kind soul out there wants to sponsor my flight tickets:) the day draws nearer, I am constantly flooded with emotions be it happy or sad. From my last bible study, I've learnt that we need to have persevering faith in God as He has plans for us. Judah's King Ahaz did not listen God after God reassured him of protection against the attacking Israel and Syria.

Instead, he chose to seek alliance with Assyria and implemented false idols. King Hezekiah became ruler of Judah after the death of King Ahaz. Faced with Assyria's plot to take over Judah, Hezekiah turned to God and God helped him! Within a night, more than 100k soldiers died of disease and Assyria's King was killed by his own sons. All this happened before Assyria could even lay a finger on Judah!

So yes, although it is difficult to place full trust on God, we need to! Only He can help us in our troubled moments, be it a sign or through your dreams:)

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you
~Deuteronomy 31:6

Out and about 10: SS17 food hunt

Aikz! Another 2 more days before my departure and I can't seem to complete my to-do list at all..where's my big apple/ donuts?! So little time left but one has to make full use of the opportunities given:)

Prawn soup noodles, MYR4~ savoury but needs more soup as the noodles were slightly dry>< Generous portions of fish cake slices, prawns and fried shallots:)

Beansprouts and some vege:)

Mum insisted on buying some nyonya kuih to stuff me up with before my flight and so, she did! There weren't many kuihs to choose from as the better ones were already sold out. I desperately want my red ang ku, seri muka, kuih dadar, onde onde, pulut tai tai:(

Pandan flavoured ang ku~not bad but the red one's the best for me:)

pat thong koh~ this one's not the best I have tasted so far. Not light and fluffy but instead, oily.

Coffee flavoured layered kuih~ saving this for tomorrow's brunch:)

No idea what's this supposed to be~guess I could afford a tummy ache before wednesday?XD

Friday, January 21, 2011

Out and about 9: Relaxed fridays

As there is only about 3 days left before I'm dragged back to Adelaide for a few torturous months, I shall do my best to upload as many malaysian related posts for memory's sake. Am not looking forward to all the unpacking needed or the fact that I am still not enrolled into my upcoming classes due to "unforeseen circumstances"x( Anybody wanna help me unpack? **dead silence><**

Slightly fried chicken drenched in orange sauce~one of the many childhood favourites from dad:)

I decided to follow dad to his workplace as his workplace is conveniently located near Hartamas Shopping Centre and hence, allowing me to browse through the boutiques in search of a prom dress or something cheap yet ideal for summer:)

Stopped by D' Glitterz which caters for wedding functions as well as evening wear. They are currently having a buy 1, free 1 dress promotion. Too bad I didnt have anybody to share my joy with as it was so difficult to choose JUST 2 pieces that are both relevant and suitable. Also, I needed somebody to advise me!D:

Most of the dresses are suitable for sizes M - XL. If not, alterations can be made at MYR20 but it takes about 1 week. The dresses are mostly made of satin and have attached bra paddings plus safety buckle. Better comfort!:D

Cream coloured prom dress~layered satin dress with diamante bow belt attached. I like this one but am not too fond of wearing black=/

Cream coloured short formal dress with lacy bust area and satin lower part. Apologies for making the dress looks crap but it is seriously a gorgeous item^^

Pink short dress with a diamante bow attached. Fits me nicely but too short for a prom dress. Also, I don't wanna be labelled pinky at prom>< Hahaha..not that I mind but a little image change is good once in a while:)

Do you think its suitable as a bridesmaid dress?:)

I tried on a few more outfits but completely forgot to snap pictures due to all the excitementxD

Wok Hei, Hartamas Shopping Centre

Halal Chinese food at affordable prices, around MYR8 - 25, and prompt service. I guess its mostly to cater for the busy Taylor's college students who likes to hang around the mall for lunch:)

Sang mee soaked in wa tan hor gravy, MYR8~ nice!:)

Deep fried chicken with sweet chilli sauce and topped with sliced cucumbers, carrots and capsicum~a must have!:D

Went to kfc for dinner as it was quite late and most of the nearby Chinese restaurants are closed already.

Thai chilli sauce~spam spamming:D

Set meal at kfc~ a scoop of mashed potatoes and coleslaw, bun and two pieces of chicken:)

Drumsticks are too small so its better to opt for the thigh or breast portion:)

Time for some chinese lessons 101:) Have a blessed weekend all:D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Out and about 9: Fishball feast

As today's a public holiday, dad decided to bring us for a fishball soup noodles meal at a shop located along Atria Shopping centre:) The fishballs have a different texture compared to factory ones. My dad thinks they used a different type of fish but heck, it's awesomexD

Fishball soup noodles, MYR4.50~ fishballs with fishcake and hokkien mee with bihun:) Mum always insists that we use 2 sauce dishes: 1 for the chilli sauce and the other for the dry chilli with soy sauce lol:D

The side view~abundance of veges!!

Fried fishcakes~these are must haves for my family. Slightly crisp on the outside and firm, yet soft on the inside:)

The extra sides~tofu, fried tofu, bitter gourd with fish paste:)

My "snacks"~yes, I've been pigging out a lot these past few days, knowing that I'll miss all the yummy food here. Sighs. Here's a simple sugar-ed doughnut:)

Green bean biscuit~kinda reminds me of tambun biscuit except way bigger. Haha. I like this a lot when I was younger. I used to eat the outer layer first become nibbling on the filling:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out and about 8: 3 days, 2 places and 1 retard

After an exhausting continuous trip to the malls, I finally have time to blog about my excursion. Was either too tired or too stuffed with food to do anything these past 2 days. Haha, yes, I am being forced to eat as much as I could take lately:)

Day 1: Midvalley

Isetan's Cultivation thin trench coat~kinda looks like Burberry although it really isn't. Yes, I am still having my jacket/cardigan/coat craze=.="

Had my lunch at KFC and ordered the twister set meal, MYR9.75. Quick and easy lunch, hence the name fast food:) Total calories? 1xxx maybe?O.O"

The twister~ Chicken pieces with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese; all wrapped in a slightly toasted pita bread. The portion's ridiculously small but that's because of inflation. Why does the cost of things increase each year and yet, no good outcomes for the citizens:(

Cheesy wedges~potato wedges covered in a cheesy mayonnaise sauce combination.

The twister's not bad at all but probably need to be bulkier a bit. I was still hungry after gnawing on the entire set!><

Day 2: Midvalley

I had to come again because wanted to whack/abuse see mokbie before his brother drags him off to training. Also, I needed to have a second (paranoid) look at some of the shops just in case I missed out anything previously. Hehe, kiasu maybe? Lol..I seriously had fun there although I went home empty handed except for a zara top **scandal**!XD

Shilin Taiwan Street Food Snack

Had a quick meal before our show and he picked this stall. Service is fast to cater for working people and prices are fairly reasonable:)

Soya bean drink, MYR2.50~rich, creamy and cooling, just the way I like itx)

Oyster mee suah, MYR6~ the gravy's very thick and has a strong oyster flavour to it. The portion's small but it's quite filling:) Won't mind having this again next timexD

The stall's counter. Set meals are also available for a more complete meal:) I see a hungry boy!:D

XXL fried chicken added with pepper-y powder, MYR6~ 2 pieces of deep fried moderately sliced chicken breasts! Value for money and I like it heapsXD I wanna have more=(

Caution, extremely hot as just fresh off the fryer *drools*

Little Penang

Tucked in the corner of the north wing, this outlet was relatively spacious after lunch hours. Good right?:D Moral value of the story? Watch movies/ go shopping during lunch time and have meals after that!^^

Contact details for anyone interested in making reservations. Hehe^^

Cendol, MYR4.80~ love at first sight! I was addicted to this since last summer. The green jelly (?) "worms" are the best worms I have tasted so far. Crushed ice soaked with brown sugar syrup, coconut milk, "worms" and a dollop of crunchy red bean paste. This is seriously THE best cendol that I know of in kl:)

Lam Mee, MYR10.50~ oohh..this is Penang's secret weapon! I have never tasted this before in kl or ipoh. Tastes superb with all the chilli paste spammed. Spicy is the key here, I guess?:)

Assam laksa, MYR10.50~ a sour, fishy soup base with added chunks of pineapples and shredded sardines. Yum yum..I would not recommend this for people with stomach acid problems as it may worsen the condition. You can (or should!) invest in the lam's fantastic:)

One for the albumxD

Char Kuey Teow, MYR10.50~ nicely done! generous portion and really tasty. I won't mind having more but I was too stuffed from my assam laksa. Haha.

Had a light dinner at home that day with minimal rice grains. Haha. I was still full from my daytime meals. Must expand my tummy abit to eat dad's yummy homecooked food which I'll miss so dearly:(

Braised chicken with mushroom and oysters~ why does my dad always prepare good food when I'm full. He cooked chicken curry the last time I was full and all I could do was stare at the potato pieces. Pure torture!D:

Broccoli with garlic oil~ see what I mean by good food?=.=' He's an evil man I tell you lolxD

Day 3: Empire Gallery, Sunway Pyramid and ss15

The most tiring day of all! Woke up at 6.50am and waited for 40 minutes before mum and me left to sunway with my bro. Mum and me walked to empire and had to wait for 1 hour+ before the shops officially open at 10am. I was going to snooze right there=.=

See how dull and boring it is=.=

We headed off to pyramid after mum browsed through Jaya grocery market. Pyramid was less crowded than midvalley but I'm still not very familiar with the locations of my favourite shops. Spent approximately 4 hours there before heading back to taylor's area:)

Mian Dui Mian

Pan mee shop! Cosy and not too hot area, ideal for relaxing will watching the highway's viewxD

The green menu~

Tray set with all the necessary sauces (soy sauce, chilli sauce and chilli paste)

Dried chilli with shallots (I think)~

House speciality soup pan mee, MYR5.60~ Thick pan mee noodles with minced chicken, crispy anchovies and a sprinkle of chopped spring onions. Soup's quite bland but I guess that's what the chilli paste is for lol.

House speciality dry pan mee, MYR5.60~ thick pan mee noodles with minced chicken pieces, crispy anchovies and poached egg. I've added the dried chilli flakes (recommended). Add this based on your chilli tolerance as it can be quite spicy. Mine was from experience=x

After mixing everything well, you should get evenly coated noodles. The half boiled egg and a bit of soup provided some moisture to the dry noodles:) Spicy level: ok!Munching time~

Lastly, a camwhore shot..not really camwhore because I'm not wearing it but heck, it's the thought that counts right?x) Hearts on a black cardigan, MYR31.20! Cute right.. haha. I was that bored in sunway because I cant find my prom dress:(

Timeout for me until next time. Haha..hopefully after resting for 1 or 2 days. I've been slacking so much with my exercise routine:(