Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out and about: Mamak and bible study nights

After a much hyped outing with mokbie and my dearest peeps, my parents decided to settle for a less extravagant dining experience (and also because it rained and most of us were exhausted) at a nearby mamak shop:)

Restoran Bestari, Desa Sri Hartamas

Not exactly one of the cheapest mamak shops as compared to those in subang but at least there's no ridiculous gov/service charge. Reasonable standards overall but heck, most mamak food tastes the same regardless of where I go unless if it's very good or bad.

Mamak mee with telur mata~ nice although I prefer maggi goreng more. Hehe

Roti canai/prata with dahl curry~ the usuals:)

Nasi lemak served with roasted peanuts and anchovies, cucumber slices, boiled egg and sambal~ I would have liked to have some fried chicken but that'll be too much calories for me. Hehe. Loved the anchovies and the sambal's a little spicier than normalxD

Rojak~ shredded cucumber with some fried puffs and egg. I have no idea what's the sauce made of but it's awesome^^

Bee cheng hiang~ long yok/bak kua! Must haves during my visits back here:) Costs MYR45 for 500g. Kinda pricy as the market price for pigs have recently increased=/

Best eaten with bread~yeap, its that good by itself:)

Spent my saturday afternoon with Nessa at her bible study group located at Sunway. It was a really intensive yet educational study as we discussed about Isaiah in much detail within the short 2 hours time frame. Tiring it was but I liked it..certainly did answer alot of questions playing around in my brain since I started reading Isaiah:)

Went to a nearby shop to get a quick bite before heading home. I opted for milo dinosaur (MYR3.50) since it was heavy enough to keep me filled up before my actual dinner at home:) Wished it was a little more sweeter thoughxD

Did a LOT of catching up with Marsh, my high school buddy (but we stopped talking after form4 due to some misunderstandings). I didnt realize how much I missed chatting/ gossiping with her until today. Haha. God's awesome in what He does. I was so close to tearing after hugging Nessa and now you guys so much=)

A much better picture although I look freakishly retarded here with my badly managed fringe and drooping specs. Hahah..but I don't carexD **notice her diamond nose stud**O.o

Wanna meet up with Nessa and Marsh again (and maybe Nat) before I go back and hopefully, take better pictures while catching up and reminiscing about the good old days^^

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