Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out and about 6: Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe was a frequently visited outlet for my friends and I since our high school days especially on special events like birthdays, reunions or just plain slacking. Their new york cheesecake was a bestseller during those days although I am contended with the oreo version. Hehe.

Finally got the chance to revisit my once favourite establishment with mummy dearest on a lazy, peaceful Sunday afternoon after an emo Saturday night:)

Life is sweet, thanks to the people who sweetened it up:)

My view~

Buy 1 slice of cake, free coffee/tea~ so here's the coffee?:)

My original cornish chicken pie~looks can be deceiving! I struggled to finish the other half of it>

White chocolate macadamia~shoooooo goooooodx)If only I wasn't too stuffed up with the be honest, there were too many types of cakes to choose from but I could only pick one

I had to finish this much despite being so stuffed up@.@ Mum helped a bit hehe

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