Friday, December 31, 2010

Out and about 5: Penang Village and Jalan Ipoh Dim Sum

Missed out on a fantastic new year countdown at midvalley last night but hopefully I won't miss out again in the future **scheming and plotting** :) Instead, I had peaceful meals with my parents; lunch at penang village, hartamas shopping centre and dim sum dinner at Jalan Ipoh. One has to make the most out of each scenario and not regret a moment of it.

Penang Village, Hartamas Shopping Centre

Service here was prompt and friendly as there are not too many customers when I visited. Overall food is average, depending on one's standard:) Apologies for the bad pictures..didnt bring my awesome galaxy out but will resolve to stop being lazy hehe.

Cendol, MYR3.80~I liked the red bean paste used but not a huge fan of the greenies. The entire dish was sweet enough to satisfy me:)

Assam laksa, MYR9.90~ slightly spicy and sour. The sour-ness tends to build up over time. Not very good for me as I'm not a huge fan of hot and sour combinations><

Entree combination, MYR19.90~ayam pandan, kerabu, fried wanton and meat sausage(?). The ayam pandan and meat sausage were yummy but I think the dish is rather overpriced for an entree.

Chicken curry puff~ bought this from one of the smaller outlets at the shopping centre. Crunch on the outside but slightly dry on the inside.

My dry but edible filling~

Restoran Bee Hoon, Jalan Ipoh

The night crowd was crazy! Cars honking everywhere, sounds of firecrackers igniting and heaps of pedestrians walking around in the midst of the night. Yeap, I'm having an open air dinner with the scents of piping hot dim sums wafting the night breeze. Service is fast! :)

A selection of dim sums we anyhow grabbed off the tray~mostly fish and pork fillings~

More dim sums!:)

Chee cheong fun~ the skin's a little thick for my liking but overall still goodx)

Tai (big) pau~ didnt get a chance to touch these as I was already filled up when they arrived=x

Loh mai kai (steamed chicken rice)~woo...this one melts in the mouth and it's sooo good!

More gastronomical goodies~

Char siew pau (roast pork pau)~although I didnt eat this at Jalan Ipoh, char siew pau is usually available during dim sum sessions and is a must have (for me that is)~

That's my new year celebration meals:) Looking forward to more foodie adventures in 2011!^^


Albert said...

i wanna try tht lou mai kai? bring me there :)

Michelle said...

swt..if i could drive i would bring you there..hahah..but its like oni night time i

Albert said...

LOL night dim sum? U joking me? xD

Michelle said...

Nope hahaha.Serious!xD

iliuh.l.a said...

nice food on your blog! =D i'm not sure if the dim sum shop you went to is the same as the one i went to last time but if it is, the one on jalan ipoh is open in the morning too =D

night dim sum - try the one near Atria shopping centre. Around damansara area - it's a HK restaurant. pretty good! yummy ^.^

Michelle said...

Nom nom nom..hahha! Will check it out soon.thanks for the hint haha..must makan kao kao before going back><