Sunday, December 19, 2010

A walk on memory lane

Although this is not really a 2010 xmas present showcase nor is it a food exhibition, I guess it's more of a thanksgiving post for all the presents I've received so far:) I'm so thankful for meeting so many nice and lovely individuals who have certainly coloured my life.

My first xmas gift in KL..twas the newest edition but now it's old school..still keeping it for memory's sakex)

Fan letters!! Hahaha jk. The beginning of my journalism passion? Letters are still in mint conditions (and waiting to see if someone becomes a celebrity then I can cash in? hehe)

SMKSH forever! The best and worst times of my life but I wouldn't change a thing!

Guang Liang cds from loved ones:)

SAM's G4's birthday present for moi..shoooo cutex) Love to cuddle him whenever I watch tv

My first Precious Thots gift! Always knew that these fragile pieces are super expensive but didnt know that I would be the recipient of one

A belated birthday present but still oh so thoughtful:) Mini Lancome perfumes to suit my daily moodxD

There are more lovely pressies in Australia but I just want to capture the beauty of my teenage-hood memories. I just can't help feeling the love from everyone. Whoever said that Earth's a pity compared to Heaven is obviously a sad person..There is a little touch of Heaven on Earth!;)


Unknown said...

have u tried the fragrances? nice?

Unknown said...

try googling "tresor in love" by Lancome, its apparently their new fragrance. Its not bad i think.

Michelle said...

I had a sniff of all the perfumes already..not bad hehe..can't wait to spamxD