Friday, December 24, 2010


A much delayed post on my previous outing to midvalley:) Had heaps of good fun shopping at MNG and jusco! Love love sales but hate hate the crowdx( One of the best hauls of 2010 and looking forward to more before the year ends in 6 more days?:D

Ate at Midvalley's DBKL area which serves traditional Malay and Indian food at reasonable prices:)

Ikan kembung, sambal kacang panjang and chicken~

Ikan kampung, ayam sambal and ayam percik merah~

Air bandung and teh limau ais (?) ~ much overdue pics so kinda forgotten the names. Sorry!!

The massive haul? HahahaxD ps for the tissue box

Should I do a gee pose/dance? O.oStill on the lookout for the perfect jumper~

Hope everyone had a fabulous Xmas celebration. Am sooo hyped over new year's celebration *crosses fingers* me wanna go see fireworks!!!!XD


Albert said...

ikan kembung or bawal hitam ars? keke

Michelle said...

Eermmm...forgot siaxD