Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last meal(s) in adelaide 2010

Will be leaving in 13 more hours (can't wait)and thought i should upload the remaining food pics..kinda random posting so bear with me:)

Penang Hawker's noodles + 2 dishes~ spare ribs were awesome but noodles ok la=x

Kwik Stix's black bean noodles~ just right amounts of black bean sauce:)

Kwik Stix's barramundi with long beans in XO sauce~~yummy:)

Aroma Sushi Buffet's aburi salmon~spam spam spam:D

Casino Buffet

Priced at $35 during weekday dinnertimes and $24.90 for lunch. Friday and Saturday night buffet costs $50 as it includes lobster.

The vege and noodles section~i honestly dun't find this appealing as the veges appear to be overcooked and the noodles look tasteless

The dessert section~probably one of the better sections

The christmas-y environment~
L-R: chicken thigh cooked in herbs, meat pie (baad) and honey coated ham~ham's good but then again, most likely ordered, not prepared by la chef
Christmas-y environment take 2

Caesar salad~~pass-able but very stingy helpings of cheese:(

Smoked salmon and lemon sauced garfish~ I liked this the best:)
Mussels in sweet chilli sauce~not too fishy tasting for me but my friend finds it a lil not too fresh

Christmas chocolate cake~good presentation but tastes awful if you can even eat's sooo hard!:(

Apple and apricot crumble~ The custard was sooo tasteless..failed at complimenting the entire dish
L-R: Panna cotta, spiced cheesecake,brandy snaps~just right amounts of sugar
Ducks at torrens~~see ya next year:)

My soon to be meal at msia..need to diet:O

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