Monday, December 20, 2010

Home 4

Been doing nothing much lately except for munching my life away..hehe, not that I'm complaining though:)

Century year old egg with lotus paste biscuit~not bad BUT got ginger inside=.=

Salted egg with lotus paste biscuit~much better than the previous option

Coconut tartlet~ok laaaO.O

Mushroom gravy noodles~yum yum yum..wayy better than eating out^^

Roasted pork (char siew) rice~love love the crispy skin layer that melts in your mouth, the lovely chilli saucex)Finished in 5 minutes hahaha

Steamed herbal chicken~healthy much?:p

Dad's roasted honey chicken before baking with an added slab of butter~

Tadaaa~the finished product accompanied with garlic egg rice and tomato slices

Gravy for drizzling..ohh yeaaa

Yesterday's baked butter cake:)

A few snapshots from my recent visit to a korean boutique nearby my house..lovelove korean fashion..if only I have an unlimited budgetx)Being the good girl that I am, I did my best not to waste time trying on everything in the shop and just stayed focus on my main target (jumpsuit!!^^)

Cute doggy skirt^^

The trial and tested jumpsuits..sadly not the ones that I'm looking for=<

Something the salesperson put together for me..haha..floral-ish~

Maybe i should fly by to Korea one day and have an massive shopping spree there..hehex)


Albert said...

hmmm same way as marinating bulgogi? garlic? haha nice pics, and nice korean fashion too. how much is it tho?

Michelle said...

Haha, thanks for the commentsx) Bulgogi?O.o? Mei you ma~ Hehe...ermm..the korean shop's currently having the usual year end sale promotion but I can ask for additional discounts since I'm a lil frequent there..or maybe coz i look like a korean? ahahahaha jk^^ Total per item will cost less than MRY80 tho:)