Monday, December 27, 2010

Out and about 4: Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

Went to Midvalley again (convenient and nearby) to celebrate the boy's 22nd birthday..time sure flies lol:) A really interesting and fun day filled with lots of shopping (90% groceries) and my usual mourning over my lack of budget to splash out especially during the year end sales**blehh** Think I need to work for 2 weeks to earn more $$>__>"

Hahahaha...stoned or posing I wonderxD

Caramel popcorn~long time no see, friend:)

PappaRich, MV

Looking forward to trying out their food here. Looks really nice but not too sure. Comments?

Milo dinosaur, MYR7~ not bad but needs to be a little more sweeter?:)

DIY toasted bread with kaya and butter~

DIY-ed, ready for nibblingxD

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

Olive oil and vinegar combination and pesto sauce~ love the red carnation!

Baked bread accompanied with the usual olive oil and vinegar concoction~

The side view from my table~

the citrus-y drink was a blend of mint, lemon and maybe lime? was a complimentary appetizing drink indeed:)


Lobster served with capellini~ robust in flavours yet light enough as an appetizer. Nicely cooked lobster pieces marinated in essence:)

Beef stock with some beef slices and shittake mushrooms~ this is certainly a classy dish! The teapot was used to store the stock and poured when served to the customer. Good way to serve soup right? Hehe.. In addition the the already classy presentation, this dish oozes oomph with its own delightful blend of flavours:)

Capellini served with seafood~ 20% spicy but the spicy-ness somehow builds up after each munch. Didn't expect it to be spicy but it's a good change to the cliche appetizers usually served at most places:) Fresh seafood used..what more can I ask for hehe^^

Raw Kampachi fish slices in seafood based sauce and topped with caviar~ Loaded with healthy fat and omega 3s, this fish melts away in the mouth especially when accompanied with the caviar..should have asked for seconds?xP

Main course:

Grilled lamb rack dusted with herbs showered in the lamb's own extract~ highly recommended for the carnivorous diner! Medium-well done with small pieces of fat carefully carved at correct places, creating a different surface scheme with each bite:)

Seafood trio completed with a seafood base stock~ gently blanching seafood (scallops and fish) is a good technique applied, allowing the seafood to absorb the stock's essence and hence, providing diners with an enhanced taste profile:)

Lobster fillet resting on a bed of seafood pieces, drenched in seafood based sauce~wow! Haha, yes, this dish is paradise. Strong character dish suitable for diners looking for that extra boost of flavours:)

Lightly seared seabass served with prawn and mini bok choys~ The fish is fresh and possesses a smooth texture while the prawn and vegetables required more biting. I was slightly disappointed with this dish as I could not appreciate the accompanied sauce's presence but overall its worthwhile if you're looking for a simple main course:)

Red wine, chilled water and a citrus-y drink~


Lightly baked souffle with a slightly caramelized top served with ice cream~ soft, light and feathery tasting describes this concoction. Perfect choice to complete the previous heavier tasting dishes. Both the ice cream and souffle were equal in terms of taste but their contrasting textures provided a blissful experience x)

Chocolate fondant served with ice cream~ piece de resistance (well, to me that is)! Smooth melting chocolate simply oozes out from the cupcake upon slicing. The overpowering chocolate taste is complimented with the more mellow tasting ice cream but I think the chocolate fondant is just perfect by itself. The chocolate taste lingers for some time and is somehow unforgettablex)

Fuji apple cubes wrapped in pastry served with caramel ice cream~ basically apple pie with an added twist by Chef Daniel. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with hints of butter in each bite. The sweet tasting caramel ice cream provides a hot and cold fusion in one's mouth, heightening the experience~

Crepe Suzette drizzled with caramelized Grand Marnier and orange zest sauce, served with vanilla ice cream~the strong and sweet alcohol taste of the sauce perfectly compliments the milder flavoured ice cream, creating a match made in heaven:)

Overall, I've enjoyed myself immensely throughout the night. Love their prompt and attentive service, excellent food and lovely atmosphere overlooking part of Kuala Lumpur:) One of my many fond memories in Malaysia. Funny how I'm afraid of heights yet I want to embrace the feeling and view from up there:)

Reservations are required as the restaurant has a limited number of seats in order to better serve each guest:)

Opening hours and contact details:

Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12pm-2pm
Dinner (Mon-Sat): 6pm-10.30pm
Closed on Sunday

The Gardens Residences Level 6,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 603 2268 1328
Fax: 603 2287 2189

And now, for some dressing room camwhoring~can't live without these moments (not enough $ to buy so take pic!)

Courtesy of Topshop, Midvalley Megamall..they still do have some great buys even after a week since the sale started^^

Should I or should I not? Easy to wear but difficult to wash..I likey the colour though!!XD

My face screams "OOoooooooooooooooooo" love this Kate Moss edition^^

Have a lovely New Year celebration all~~ celebrate the end of a wonderful year filled with life long lessons and open a new adventurous chapter in 2011!!!:)


Albert said...

Lols! how much is the red dress again? looks like a cheongsam though? hehe

Michelle said...

Dunno, never checked coz i knew that i won't buy it=x