Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home 3

More pics from the little kitchen in my house^^

"shaky"/soft steamed eggs~something that I still cannot master. Hopefully can in the future..need good temperature control neh~

Hairy gourd~simple and light dish..mushrooms!!

Slow cooked pork belly with herbs~more sinful than my desserts but oh so lovely

Claypot rice~easy to prepare on busy days.nomnomnom

The following images are used to describe the preparation process of dad's chicken soup noodles:

The chilli sauce used~

Boiling mee suah noodles~

Noodles after boiling

The blanched veges...healthy!

Final product: simple chicken broth noodles with added fish and meat balls

Here's what I've made yesterday in conjunction with the upcoming winter solstice festival^^These traditional delicacies are usually eaten during this time to warm up one's body:

Boiling the rice flour shaped balls..floats when its ready^^

Tang yuan (flour balls) in red bean soup~

Red bean bun from the family members whacked it before I could get my hands on itT.T


Albert said...

lol looks good man the mee suah, use chicken broth ka? no shopping pics?

Michelle said...

Yap, chicken broth with some garlic's innovationxD No shopping so therefore no shopping pics le~too bad cant camwhore in the dressing room coz kinda rushed lerx) Next time must!!!^^

Albert said...

hhaha parents said ur plates are unique =)

Michelle said...

Ahahaha thankiu^^ Mum collected over the years:p