Saturday, December 31, 2016

December mobile uploads: Meals for the week sorted!

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 and hello new year's resolutions. Have I made any thus far? Errr not really, I will certainly cross the bridge when I get there. 2016 has been a roller coaster of a ride leaving me dubious as to whether it's been a good or bad year. Up side of 2016 would be being able to stick to a proper eating pattern as opposed to excessive, unnecessary cutting of calories - a point that I cannot stress enough for those wanting to shred some kilos.

Eggs with bacon and bread, just because a cheat meal is allowed at most twice a week?

Salmon and broccoli for weekday dinner number 1.

Brinjal with minced pork and rice for weekday dinner number 2.

What came across my mind when I bought this. Never again. Bland and flavourless blehhh.

Leftover teriyaki chicken sushi rolls, broccoli and spinach leaves for weekday lunch. Yes, my lunches always consist of leftovers and heaps of veggies.

Stirfry prawns with leeks and rice for weekday dinner number 3.

Leftover chicken with spinach, orange juice and yoghurt for late (after 8pm) weekday dinner number 4.

What I had at 4.30pm before commencing the remainder of my late shift. Beef and mushroom pie yummm..

Got cherries from a customer and had them with dinner.

Steak with cauliflower rice and veggies - packed full of iron!

Larger strawberries seem to be sweeter compared to the smaller ones. What say you?

The sister went on a food binge-ing splurge at the supermarket and we came back with heaps of junk food, of which, thankfully, lasted us for more than a month. On the flipside, Lindt did a good job with their chocolates. Highly recommend trying out their new flavours:)

Quinoa with granola, strawberries, milk and shredded coconut for weekend breakfast.

My first fruitcake for christmas brought back from work by the sister. Love fruitcakes especially when it's been dotted with so many fruity jewels.

Was gifted some homemade Thai food by a customer for helping her out with her paperwork. Two different types of broth, both delicious:)

Had strawberries and a jelly tart afterwards!

Weekday lunch and dinner for at least twice a week - chicken in creamy white sauce with pasta, tomatoes and spinach. Yummeh!

Was craving for cakes the other day and got a slice of cheesecake with my hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Christmas day lunch was not the healthiest but it was pretty satisfying.

Dinner was roasted duck with potatoes and bok choy.

Leftovers for weekday dinner post-gym.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Buckley's Chance, Sorrento MELB

Over the long Christmas break, the sister and I ventured to Mornington peninsula for a hike along Point Nepean. Fortunately for us, we managed to head to Sorrento, parked the car and ducked out to the cafes before the rain started to pour.

Cappuccino (above) and chai latte (below) - love getting my chai latte in a "do it yourself" brewing set.

Eggs benedict - the addition of kale "healthy-fied" this dish and was it a treat to crunch into toasted bread followed by a savoury, juicy sensation from the bacon, all married together by a slightly acidic benedict sauce.

Ancient grain salad - the dish that I wanted to try and it did not disappoint at all. Grains were perfectly cooked and the addition of sweet pomegranate and currants was an excellent idea. At this point, I contemplated about being a vegetarian.

Buckley's Chance Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, December 26, 2016

Nene Chicken, Malvern East MELB

As I diligently slave my time away at the gym, I am constantly reminded of the need to eat clean aka no indulging in anything deemed unhealthy such as sweets, fried food..basically anything that could not provide me with any health benefits.

Worried I was not although when I am allowed a cheat meal, there is no stopping me. Naturally, I would pick something bad ass to stuff myself with.

Always curious about Nene Chicken and when a branch is finally operating at Chadstone, why not sneak a few pieces into my protein craving tummy? A little late in the night and a few flavours were already sold out. Like that's going to stop me...

Garlic fried chicken - not too bad in terms of crispiness and flavour. Am glad that it comes with a separate dipping sauce as deep fried meat can often be dry.

Bulgogi chicken - coated in a sweetish, spicy sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, we were a little dubious initially. However, I actually much preferred this version instead. There is something very addictive about the sauce used.

Just like any other Korean eateries, complimentary side dishes are included with every meal and I like our food was neatly packed into containers. Oh and if you are worried about getting your hands dirty, fret not as Nene also provides customers with disposable plastic gloves to use while picking at those chicken pieces.

  NeNe Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Japan: Fukuoka wandering

Final destination on our Japan itinerary and one that we used to recuperate ourselves mentally and physically. Wandered around a park admiring purple wisterias dangling from the rooftop, a scene that reminded us of a painting brought to life.

So the glutton in us were eyeing Mister Donut for the longest time (I blame the numerous train stations we have been to) but often, were reserved when it came to deciding on a purchase. Walked outside the Fukuoka JR train station, made a few left turns, passed far too many ramen outlets and we stumbled upon this bakery again.

This time round, the shop was clearing it's donuts and priced accordingly - the sister  dashed towards the shop, bought half a dozen of them for our post-dinner snack. Donuts were fluffy, light and dressed with the right amount of sweetness from each bite. I can see why it's popular among the locals.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Japan: Hiroshima and Miyajima, day trip

Unlike other bustling Japanese cities, this city carries an unforgettable history on its shoulders and probably is one of the few cities which does not see flocks of tourists visiting. Some, including myself, found ourselves entering a different world as we entered the city, perhaps in our attempt to piece together imaginary scenes of what happened in 1945.

The A-bomb dome is one of the few buildings that remain standing after the bomb dropped. A few train stops away from the JR train station and one can easily walk around the dome before adjourning towards the peace memorial park and museum. Pictures are allowed in the museum but I could not bring myself to click away at the gory pictures and post-bombing artifacts.

Now onto lunch, a favourite time of the day for me. We did not plan on where to go and decided to stroll along the city and after a few turns, we decided on an eatery and ordered a plate of Hiroshima okonomiyaki and oysters.

Miyajima is a peaceful little island located about 20 minutes away from Hiroshima and is known for its giant torii gate. Sadly, we arrived a late that day and could only inhale a little glimpse of the island as we strolled from one end of the street to the other. For once, the sea breeze actually did help wash away irrelevant thoughts clouding my head.

Hammer & Tong, Fitzroy MELB

This is a massive throwback post that I have completely forgotten to blog about. I was randomly browsing through my picture folder and did not remember penning my thoughts about at all. Ah the joys of aging, really.

Always popular and one of the many cafes whereby queuing for food is a norm, we patiently waited for our turn and soon after, made up our minds on what we wanted.

Coffee - what will Melbourne be without its beloved coffee. Irrespective of climate changes, this is one staple that has to be on my table whenever I want to reward myself with brunch/lunch,

Iced chocolate - for the non-caffeine lovers out there, cocoa still does have caffeine in it except in smaller quantities.

Soft shell crab burger - what may appear to be an oily meal had been successfully toned down with the incorporation of salad and a slightly spicy sriracha mayonnaise sauce. Was however, a little too salty to my liking but aside from that, would happily reorder this dish without hesitating.

Kentucky fried halloumi nuggets with housemade bbq sauce - so we were still feeling peckish after finishing off our main meal and decided on a little snack to nibble on. Indulgent treats it was and one that you probably stop after having a couple of pieces. Still good nonetheless.

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