Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hammer & Tong, Fitzroy MELB

This is a massive throwback post that I have completely forgotten to blog about. I was randomly browsing through my picture folder and did not remember penning my thoughts about at all. Ah the joys of aging, really.

Always popular and one of the many cafes whereby queuing for food is a norm, we patiently waited for our turn and soon after, made up our minds on what we wanted.

Coffee - what will Melbourne be without its beloved coffee. Irrespective of climate changes, this is one staple that has to be on my table whenever I want to reward myself with brunch/lunch,

Iced chocolate - for the non-caffeine lovers out there, cocoa still does have caffeine in it except in smaller quantities.

Soft shell crab burger - what may appear to be an oily meal had been successfully toned down with the incorporation of salad and a slightly spicy sriracha mayonnaise sauce. Was however, a little too salty to my liking but aside from that, would happily reorder this dish without hesitating.

Kentucky fried halloumi nuggets with housemade bbq sauce - so we were still feeling peckish after finishing off our main meal and decided on a little snack to nibble on. Indulgent treats it was and one that you probably stop after having a couple of pieces. Still good nonetheless.

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