Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oct-Nov mobile uploads: Breakfast bars, more salad bowls and selfie moments

Hello hello, I have been quite behind with posting on monthly updates via my iphone camera and so, this blog post is a compilation of what I have been up to in the last couple of months.

First up, I have been trying out various types of breakfast bars, emphasizing heavily on its protein and sugar content.  I love how tasty Carman's gourmet protein bars are and they are not overloaded with sugar. My personal favourite would be the dark chocolate version because it makes me feel excited when I get up in the morning:D

I have tested this out of curiousity and found it quite hard as in rock solid hard. Not overly sweet just like Carman's although would really prefer a softer version.

Again, Carman's did not disappoint and although I would still prefer the protein bars over this one, it does have a nice coffee aroma lingering afterwards which can be good in the morning.

Ho ho ho, here lies one of my favourite gifts, a Breville Teamaker. Has a setting for different types of brews be it mild, moderate or strong depending on the type of tea used. Easy to clean and very straightforward to use.

Meetings and more meetings, cest la vie.

And just like every month, here is a mini collection of what I have been eating on most weekdays for lunch or dinner.

Trying to be healthy with a serve of carrots, steak, kale and brown rice.

Bought some salad whilst at the shopping mall as I did not have a fridge for the time being and was craving some fresh veggies.

Rice with roasted chicken breast. The sister made such a sensational soy sauce flavoured roast chicken that I couldn't believe the chicken breast was not hard and dry. Such a treat it was and one that I happily went back for seconds.

Had leftover chicken and pasta in the fridge and so, voila, into the salad lunch bowl it went. Ps, I bought my pyrex bowl a couple of months ago and me thinks it true is an amazing investment. No more worrying about microwaving plastic and having such a decent sized bowl to carry around soupy items is a bonus!

And now, drum rolls please for the following vain shots of myself. Because I can.

Checked shirt, Topshop high waisted skirt, Karen Millen mini bag and Nine west shoes.

Zara navy jumper, Esprit puffed vest, Zara denim, Adidas shoes. The best sleeveless puffed jacket.

Sequined Zara dress and denim jacket

How to be lazy and still pull it together. Pyjamas t-shirt, Zara denim jacket and Zara shorts. Yea, a good jacket does go a long way.

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