Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cumulus Inc, CBD MELB

Rejoice, for I finally get to dine here after hearing so much rave about it from friends. Minus having to wait for about an hour for a table and the fact that the bar area is fully occupied so no drinks or nibbles booo....

Cumulus Inc encourages the sharing plates concept whereby an assortment of small to medium sized dishes are ordered and placed in the middle of the table for sharing. Certainly an excellent way of trying out more dishes without having to compensate on tummy space.

I have always been a fan of eating bread with butter and found these two ingredients to be extremely addictive here. Butter was very creamy and one could easily get carried away with the amount lashed onto each piece of bread. The bunch of us had at least two rounds before we put the brakes on, in anticipation of our entrees and mains.

Tuna tartare with crushed green pea salad - a delicious plate of freshly sliced tuna tartare, albeit small in terms of size.

Burrata, fermented cabbage, bottarga and chilli - creamy and fresh, blending perfectly well with the accompanying ingredients. This was served with thinly sliced toasted bread.

Couldn't recall the name of this dish but fondly remembered it as akin to honey smoked ham. Love how the ham's sweetness goes well with the contrasting acidic flavours from the pickles.

Ricotta dumplings, pumpkin and pine nuts - one of my favourite dishes of the night. The mild ricotta flavour compliments the tiny shreds of pumpkin and pine nuts. Am always a big fan of dishes that showcases a produce's sweetness naturally and this was one of them. The flavour combination from the currants, pumpkin, pine nuts and ricotta was indeed a memorable one and something that I can see myself going back again time after time.

Whole slow roasted lamb shoulder - the sister and were game enough to order this for sharing between the two of us. The lamb had been slow roasted for a good 45 minutes which saw each strand of meat sliding off the bone quite easily. A bit of resistance in some areas that did not have as much fat content but still a pleasant meal nonetheless. Walked away with a small takeaway container of it and that was enough both our lunches!

Poached ocean trout, avocado, sorrel, broad bean and crabs - a simple dish done right. For the healthy diners out there.

This plate of pickles was served with the lamb although we didn't really use it at all. Yes, the lamb that good, if you are willing to wait for it ;)

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