Sunday, December 25, 2016

Japan: Fukuoka wandering

Final destination on our Japan itinerary and one that we used to recuperate ourselves mentally and physically. Wandered around a park admiring purple wisterias dangling from the rooftop, a scene that reminded us of a painting brought to life.

So the glutton in us were eyeing Mister Donut for the longest time (I blame the numerous train stations we have been to) but often, were reserved when it came to deciding on a purchase. Walked outside the Fukuoka JR train station, made a few left turns, passed far too many ramen outlets and we stumbled upon this bakery again.

This time round, the shop was clearing it's donuts and priced accordingly - the sister  dashed towards the shop, bought half a dozen of them for our post-dinner snack. Donuts were fluffy, light and dressed with the right amount of sweetness from each bite. I can see why it's popular among the locals.

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