Saturday, December 31, 2016

December mobile uploads: Meals for the week sorted!

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 and hello new year's resolutions. Have I made any thus far? Errr not really, I will certainly cross the bridge when I get there. 2016 has been a roller coaster of a ride leaving me dubious as to whether it's been a good or bad year. Up side of 2016 would be being able to stick to a proper eating pattern as opposed to excessive, unnecessary cutting of calories - a point that I cannot stress enough for those wanting to shred some kilos.

Eggs with bacon and bread, just because a cheat meal is allowed at most twice a week?

Salmon and broccoli for weekday dinner number 1.

Brinjal with minced pork and rice for weekday dinner number 2.

What came across my mind when I bought this. Never again. Bland and flavourless blehhh.

Leftover teriyaki chicken sushi rolls, broccoli and spinach leaves for weekday lunch. Yes, my lunches always consist of leftovers and heaps of veggies.

Stirfry prawns with leeks and rice for weekday dinner number 3.

Leftover chicken with spinach, orange juice and yoghurt for late (after 8pm) weekday dinner number 4.

What I had at 4.30pm before commencing the remainder of my late shift. Beef and mushroom pie yummm..

Got cherries from a customer and had them with dinner.

Steak with cauliflower rice and veggies - packed full of iron!

Larger strawberries seem to be sweeter compared to the smaller ones. What say you?

The sister went on a food binge-ing splurge at the supermarket and we came back with heaps of junk food, of which, thankfully, lasted us for more than a month. On the flipside, Lindt did a good job with their chocolates. Highly recommend trying out their new flavours:)

Quinoa with granola, strawberries, milk and shredded coconut for weekend breakfast.

My first fruitcake for christmas brought back from work by the sister. Love fruitcakes especially when it's been dotted with so many fruity jewels.

Was gifted some homemade Thai food by a customer for helping her out with her paperwork. Two different types of broth, both delicious:)

Had strawberries and a jelly tart afterwards!

Weekday lunch and dinner for at least twice a week - chicken in creamy white sauce with pasta, tomatoes and spinach. Yummeh!

Was craving for cakes the other day and got a slice of cheesecake with my hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Christmas day lunch was not the healthiest but it was pretty satisfying.

Dinner was roasted duck with potatoes and bok choy.

Leftovers for weekday dinner post-gym.

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