Sunday, January 1, 2017

Europe: 24 hours in Berlin GERMANY

Among all the European countries that I have travelled to in 2015, Berlin without a doubt, would be one of the few that had left me awestruck. A vibrant, bustling city that has it's radars buzzing in the technology world and one whereby any item produced locally has an irreplaceable value in keeping users organized/ efficient and most importantly, practical. 

A long way since it's less than glamourous World War II stories, I cannot help but ponder on how a city that saw it's economy struggle to keep afloat in the earlier days, is now a leading force to be reckoned with.

24 hours in Berlin? Here's a list of things we did:

1) Television tower

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city here if time is not your friend. Try spotting a few monuments if you can and better still, try coming here at night and feast on a different view of the city.

2)Berlin cathedral (Berliner Dom)

Breezed past the biggest Protestant cathedral in Berlin and as we did not have much time on hand, did not manage a visit. However, do feel free to visit this cathedral that began constructing in 1465.

3) Brandenburg Gate

Also known as the victory gate that saw Napoleon of France wanting a piece of it after invading Germany. On the night of the broken glass, German troopers marched through these gates and thus begun the slaughter of Jews across Europe.

One can easily stroll past this gate in less than 10 minutes and continue on to other locations as many monuments and museums are located within close proximity of each other.

4) Museum island

For the architects, historians and artists out there, this is the place to be - choose from the Altes, Pergamon or Bode museum and do spend at least 2-3 hours getting lost in what these museums have to offer.

5) Berlin's Jewish history

No travel to Berlin would be complete without a bit of insight into it's Jewish past. The holocaust memorial has stone walls representing the Jews massacred during the war and for more history, why not visit a Jewish synagogue? 

6) Food

Food will always be the heart of every travel destination and one that can make or break a holiday. A day is not enough to tuck into everything delicious that the city has to offer but at least we managed a glimpse of it!

Spaetzle - I have a strange obsession for doughy textured food and actually did not mind these noodles coated in a creamy, cheesy sauce.

Beer and meat - while we did not manage to drink to our hearts' contents due to our packed schedule, we did enjoy a refreshing glass of beer with dinner, followed by a hearty serve of meat. Oh and topped with traditional German music in the background.

What's next on my bucket list to Berlin? Christmas markets for sure!

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