Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kedai Satay King Street, CBD MELB

Last Saturday's weather could not have been any kinder, considering that it is still summer here in Australia. A cool breeze greeted me the moment I stepped out of the train station and at every turn into the little city alleys.

What may seem like a long stroll to our foodie destination turned out to be a calming walk down memory lane as I slowly recalled my first few steps in this unknown city.

Stories aside, we got here a bit before the dinner crowd appeared, just in case, and placed our orders on a few dishes that were too tempting to pass up.

Bandung - I love anything with rose flavour in it and this was no exception. A nice drink to have with all the spicy food that follows suit.

Chicken satay skewers - chargrilled meat, generously coated in a sweet, savoury peanut sauce, served with a dollop of spicy chilli sauce and a serve of vegetables. Simple delicious.

Grilled lamb ribs with rice - I think the same sauce used for the chicken skewers may have been used here but nevertheless, it was a sauce that I could easily polish off from the plate so no qualms from me. Flawless piece of protein we have here that easily pulls apart with a light tug and extremely flavourful too.

Soto ayam aka Indonesian chicken soup -  A popular dish among diners as just about every table had ordered this for sharing. Lightly flavoured chicken broth that comes with a generous amount of shredded meat and a while boiled egg. Again, something that I could easily polish off and to be honest, it does fit into my eating regime!

Ayam kremes - I like how the little fried bits add a pleasant textural element to an otherwise plain dish of fried chicken with rice. Cannot fault how the chicken is cooked at all.

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