Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japanese feast

Just last week, the boy and I visited Shiki's Japanese Restaurant which is conveniently located in Intercontinental hotel. At aud$80 per person, the buffet was worthwhile as most of the sashimi pieces were fresh and the teppanyaki was made to order. There's not much to choose from but if you just want to satisfy your salmon/tuna sashimi craving, then this is the place for you.

Shiki's Japanese Restaurant

Unagi roll, salmon and tuna sashimi~

The boy's plate filled with salmon pieces~ Imagine 4 plates full of this-.-'

The teppanyaki selection~ staff will pick up your order and forward it to the chef who would cook your choices in front of you.

Teppanyaki cuttlefish~
Teppanyaki kingfish~

Fried rice with eggs, garlic and chopped spring onions~

Teppanyaki salmon~

Teppanyaki sirloin steak~

Teppanyaki beansprout with capsicum~ I got sick of this after 1 serving..

Teppanyaki chicken thigh fillets~

The waiting staff was very efficient and attentive. Overall, good ambience but need more food choices:)

Wasai Japanese Restaurant is a good alternative if you prefer having a less extravagant dining night. I would recommend making reservations as it can be quite busy.

Wasai Japanese Restaurant

Unagi roll~ not bad but I still prefer Sushi Train's version. Must be the cream cheese filling nomnom^^

The sushi boat for two, aud$50~ definitely a value for money as you get a vast variety of choices and yes, it is fresh sashimi pieces.

Tuna, kingfish, salmon and prawn nigiri served with tuna and unagi rolls~ Awesome, right?:)

Sashimi section with tamago pieces~ nomnomnom:DD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giving and receiving

After a pro-nikon gf of mine gave me some pointers on slr-ing, I've managed to have a play around with mine and experimented with it's functions. I am quite impressed with the outcomes but I still need to practice on my outdoor shoots. Anybody up for some nature/outdoor activities and don't mind me snapping pics away like a lunatic?XD

My 3rd gift from the boy~ time to find ways to fill up the slots>:] Should I go for some funky like lime green or something girly like pink/red/purple or maybe something that's evergreen like black or gold? hmmm...

2009's lovelinks necklace completed~ I'm so pleased with it^^ Took me a few days to plan what/where would I want to place each bead=x

My 2009's birthday gift from the boy~ Soo blue right? I am still wondering how to jazz it up despite the lack of space on the bracelet=/

My 2009's gift from uni besties~ so sweet of them hehe^^ I've worn it a few times since then but being the lazy sloth that I am, I tend to minimize my outfits and accessories because I need to get to class on time:P

2008's gift from the boy~ love, shopping and God; the centers of my life. I get worried whenever I put this one as I'm afraid that one of the pendants' ll drop off-.- Still in the process of expanding this collection but it's sooo expensive laaa lmao

Can you guess what's in this mystery pack?O.o

Playing around with my camera's applications~ no need photoshop liaoXD

Half of my earring collection~ of which, I rarely wear (but I should!)

Voila! Blueberry muffin Ms. J got me for breakfast but I didn't eat it until dinner time because I was too full from lunch (feta cheese cubes are not diet-friendly lol). So sweet of her^^

Back to practicing my presentation. I dislike time limits *sighs*

Dinner at Just Cos

It's been 3 years already and I'm still in a steady relationship. I hardly count those days/months/years but I guess time will tell, right?:) Here's my annual fine dining experience for 2011 (wonder what's in store for 2012 hehe). I've never heard of Just Cos before to be honest. The restaurant is tucked away in a tiny street that branched off Hindley Street. Hardly notice-able and hence, my blurred attention leading to my stunned reaction to the surprise lol.

There's a lot of choices to choose from so I would recommend either chatting with the waiter/waitress about it or just pick whichever suits your palate. Everything looks soo good^^

Mixed appetizer palate for 2~ this dish arrived quite early (within 5 mins?). Calamari rings with a tangy, spicy dressing served with duck/chicken pate and fresh slices of kingfish. I've forgotten the exact name of each dish but I know the calamari and kingfish tasted superb. However, I wasn't a big fan of the pate but it would be ideal for someone who knows how to appreciate it's flavour:)

Roasted chicken served atop baked potatoes and snow peas~ it's fusion in a way and there was soo much flavour infused into the chicken pieces (I have no idea how to describe it but just go try lol)xD

Atlantic salmon served with baked cherry tomatoes and red wine reduction~ it costs around $32 but it was worthwhile as the portion was sufficient. I would have loved to try their pasta and beef dishes though..looks interestingOwO"

Strawberry with rhubarb ganache~ The ganache is made of cream cheese lol. It was a fairly simple dish but it was a light finish after a heavy main:)

Rich chocolate cake served with honeycomb and glazed cherry pieces and vanilla ice cream~ soo rich and moist:3 This was probably one of the best dishes for the night heheXD

Shall update more when my internet gets better. It's sooo slow now. Oohh..I also need to practice for my presentation on Friday..haizz

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter dinner at Appelbee

My sister aka the host invited me and bro over for a lamb rack easter dinner. Not sure if she was up to something or it was out of a good deed (which is rare ahahhahaha) but at least me and bro are still aliveO.o

The mushroom sauce to be served with rice~ she actually made it from scratch...impressive much?XD

Brown gravy for the lamb~ this one needs some interrogation hmmmm....

The plate~ I actually ate 60% of it before the lamb was served. I must have been super famished as I've only had 3 near-soft pears for lunch^^

The lamb rack carving in process~

Tadaaa~~ the finale product:)

For the night, each of us learned some valuable life lessons of not working together in the past and hence, the consequences that follow.

My sister in all her glory~ messy, tiny room..think my dad may get a heart attack lolxD

The poser whom needs more slr training:(

The cleaner aka bro whom learned to appreciate the people around him and to not complain about every single tiny mess.

And now, I shall present to ye all the most expensive and biggest chocolate "bunny" that I have laid eyes on:

A gift from my sis's boss~ it's hollow though although i wished it wasn't=/

The cleaner aka bro aka poser 2~ I think posing runs in the family genesxD

My eager sis can't wait to hack it openO.O"

Pinocchio~ all the years of lying has finally caught up to himxD

Kids, don't do this at home:p


Friday, April 22, 2011

Shopping haul!

Wahahaha, I have finally revisited Shibuya 109 @ Chinatown after dreaming about gyaru items. Shibuya is slightly cheaper than Kawaii when they have promotions but otherwise it's quite pricey. And of course, nothing can beat Malaysian prices but this ain't malaysia:(

Dollywink eyelashes! I'm obsessed with these as they are easier to use than the normal ones and they are more longer lasting^^ This ones are for natural looks:)

Apple facial scrub and green tea mask from Korea~

Rose essence facial mask~ apparently rated #1 in some japanese magazine. Must try^^