Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter dinner at Appelbee

My sister aka the host invited me and bro over for a lamb rack easter dinner. Not sure if she was up to something or it was out of a good deed (which is rare ahahhahaha) but at least me and bro are still aliveO.o

The mushroom sauce to be served with rice~ she actually made it from scratch...impressive much?XD

Brown gravy for the lamb~ this one needs some interrogation hmmmm....

The plate~ I actually ate 60% of it before the lamb was served. I must have been super famished as I've only had 3 near-soft pears for lunch^^

The lamb rack carving in process~

Tadaaa~~ the finale product:)

For the night, each of us learned some valuable life lessons of not working together in the past and hence, the consequences that follow.

My sister in all her glory~ messy, tiny room..think my dad may get a heart attack lolxD

The poser whom needs more slr training:(

The cleaner aka bro whom learned to appreciate the people around him and to not complain about every single tiny mess.

And now, I shall present to ye all the most expensive and biggest chocolate "bunny" that I have laid eyes on:

A gift from my sis's boss~ it's hollow though although i wished it wasn't=/

The cleaner aka bro aka poser 2~ I think posing runs in the family genesxD

My eager sis can't wait to hack it openO.O"

Pinocchio~ all the years of lying has finally caught up to himxD

Kids, don't do this at home:p


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