Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japanese feast

Just last week, the boy and I visited Shiki's Japanese Restaurant which is conveniently located in Intercontinental hotel. At aud$80 per person, the buffet was worthwhile as most of the sashimi pieces were fresh and the teppanyaki was made to order. There's not much to choose from but if you just want to satisfy your salmon/tuna sashimi craving, then this is the place for you.

Shiki's Japanese Restaurant

Unagi roll, salmon and tuna sashimi~

The boy's plate filled with salmon pieces~ Imagine 4 plates full of this-.-'

The teppanyaki selection~ staff will pick up your order and forward it to the chef who would cook your choices in front of you.

Teppanyaki cuttlefish~
Teppanyaki kingfish~

Fried rice with eggs, garlic and chopped spring onions~

Teppanyaki salmon~

Teppanyaki sirloin steak~

Teppanyaki beansprout with capsicum~ I got sick of this after 1 serving..

Teppanyaki chicken thigh fillets~

The waiting staff was very efficient and attentive. Overall, good ambience but need more food choices:)

Wasai Japanese Restaurant is a good alternative if you prefer having a less extravagant dining night. I would recommend making reservations as it can be quite busy.

Wasai Japanese Restaurant

Unagi roll~ not bad but I still prefer Sushi Train's version. Must be the cream cheese filling nomnom^^

The sushi boat for two, aud$50~ definitely a value for money as you get a vast variety of choices and yes, it is fresh sashimi pieces.

Tuna, kingfish, salmon and prawn nigiri served with tuna and unagi rolls~ Awesome, right?:)

Sashimi section with tamago pieces~ nomnomnom:DD

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