Monday, April 11, 2011

Melbourne: Day to night transition

We arrived at the hotel at approximately 10am and decided to travel around Melbourne while the boy's bro snooze away after a long night. We stayed at Therry St. which is conveniently located near Queen Victoria's Market.

One of the boy's must-have treats while in Melb~

3 pieces of strawberry filled doughnuts to kickstart the day while we familiarize with the map~

Yum yum:)

Organized and well-structured market~

Random shots~

At about 11-ish, we found Swanston St. and decided to indulge in some minor snackings:p

Huge sushi pieces that tastes so good despite it being refridgerated:)


A few shops away is another of the boy's must eat places; an Indonesian outlet with affordable student prices and good food.

Avocado and chocolate anyone?O.o

I've forgotten the name of this dish but it was sooo good. The boy wanted to visit the next shop for its equally awesome fried rice dish but I was too filled to take another bite~

Real original taro bubble tea~ no joke, there's actually taro pieces in it.

Chinatown! We passed by Shark Fin restaurant and decided to attempt in future. The interior deco was extraordinary and definitely classy:)

Egg tarts with biscuit base pastry~ different from the ones I usually have but the egg filling was deliciously warm:)

With further exploring, we found Melbourne's GPO building that houses a few of Australia's higher end brands as well as international brands such as Karen Millen. Some of the local brands had really gorgeous outfits but I didn't have time to play around=/We stopped by Cacao's to pick up some sinfully good fingerfood;)

Chocolate packaging~

Vibrant coloured macaroon boxes~

The shop assistant offered us these as she made a tiny crack while handling them. Regardless, they are sooo delicious; super moist on the inside and perfect shell layer. I wanna learn their secret!:D

Chocolate selection~ I couldn't decide which one I wanted *drools*

The equally mind challenging decision making test~ can I just have it all? *sigh*

Okok, I know this is a very unprofessional pose from yours truly but at least I take the effort to camwhore a bit and try not to attract too much attention from the shop assistants outside. I adore the colour of this dress, must must find a similar colour item hehe~

Flinders station~ Yay, I made it to the end of swanston/elizabeth st. Just need to sum up more strength to get to the other shopping site hehe:)

Meanwhile, I did take some shoots despite the cloudy dark weather with some minor lighting adjustments.

The entire casino and nearby DFO was just crazily huge and so crowded with people. I was slightly disappointed that the DFO didn't store the items that I wanted but it was definitely cheap cheap cheap hehe^^. The casino's so classy and certainly not filled with crude individuals:)

Thank God I decided to wear decent clothes to Melb otherwise I'll resemble some pasar malam junkie amidst all the finely dressed casino residents. Once again, forgive my unprofessional pose lol:p

I didn't enter the restaurant (for fear of under dressing) but it looked stunning and the food prices don't look too wallet-unfriendly for a one off occassion.

I found this place quite intimidating lol..

The Atlantic Restaurant~ most passer-bys stop to look at the fish display which I must admit, is quite a sightO.o

Glass stalagmites~ sooo beautiful:D

After visiting the casino, I embraced the rain and walked back to Swanston st in search for anything to see/visit. I do regret not watching the casino's fireshow as well as munching some of the casino's famous desserts (there's just too many to choose from!><). Due to the rain, I didn't get to walk around as much as I wanted at night so I didn't get as many photo shoots of the city:(

On my next Melb trip, I will visit the museum, Lygon St, Shark Fin and do more shopping. I've enjoyed my trip heaps despite it being a 1 day event and that I didn't get most of the stuff I've wanted.

The main question: Is Melb better than Adl?

Answer: In terms of infrastructure and activities, Melb beats Adl hands down. However, Adl does have better Japanese/ Korean accessories at much better prices and I miss my family and friends here as well as the slower pace lifestyle. It is always comforting to snuggle in your own blanket, meet up with friends for tea as well as visiting familiar shops (of which, the owner knows you).

Lastly, a few teaser photos from the night of my return;)

Sambal petai udang~ soooo good *drools*

Cacao's chocolate~ haven't tried any yet as I'm saving up for rainy/stressful days hehe^^

The last few pics are macaroon shoots. I'm still obsessed over macaroons and I'm loving itxD

Shall visit Melb again, maybe in early August? Cheap flights please:)

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