Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dinner at Just Cos

It's been 3 years already and I'm still in a steady relationship. I hardly count those days/months/years but I guess time will tell, right?:) Here's my annual fine dining experience for 2011 (wonder what's in store for 2012 hehe). I've never heard of Just Cos before to be honest. The restaurant is tucked away in a tiny street that branched off Hindley Street. Hardly notice-able and hence, my blurred attention leading to my stunned reaction to the surprise lol.

There's a lot of choices to choose from so I would recommend either chatting with the waiter/waitress about it or just pick whichever suits your palate. Everything looks soo good^^

Mixed appetizer palate for 2~ this dish arrived quite early (within 5 mins?). Calamari rings with a tangy, spicy dressing served with duck/chicken pate and fresh slices of kingfish. I've forgotten the exact name of each dish but I know the calamari and kingfish tasted superb. However, I wasn't a big fan of the pate but it would be ideal for someone who knows how to appreciate it's flavour:)

Roasted chicken served atop baked potatoes and snow peas~ it's fusion in a way and there was soo much flavour infused into the chicken pieces (I have no idea how to describe it but just go try lol)xD

Atlantic salmon served with baked cherry tomatoes and red wine reduction~ it costs around $32 but it was worthwhile as the portion was sufficient. I would have loved to try their pasta and beef dishes though..looks interestingOwO"

Strawberry with rhubarb ganache~ The ganache is made of cream cheese lol. It was a fairly simple dish but it was a light finish after a heavy main:)

Rich chocolate cake served with honeycomb and glazed cherry pieces and vanilla ice cream~ soo rich and moist:3 This was probably one of the best dishes for the night heheXD

Shall update more when my internet gets better. It's sooo slow now. Oohh..I also need to practice for my presentation on Friday..haizz

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