Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giving and receiving

After a pro-nikon gf of mine gave me some pointers on slr-ing, I've managed to have a play around with mine and experimented with it's functions. I am quite impressed with the outcomes but I still need to practice on my outdoor shoots. Anybody up for some nature/outdoor activities and don't mind me snapping pics away like a lunatic?XD

My 3rd gift from the boy~ time to find ways to fill up the slots>:] Should I go for some funky like lime green or something girly like pink/red/purple or maybe something that's evergreen like black or gold? hmmm...

2009's lovelinks necklace completed~ I'm so pleased with it^^ Took me a few days to plan what/where would I want to place each bead=x

My 2009's birthday gift from the boy~ Soo blue right? I am still wondering how to jazz it up despite the lack of space on the bracelet=/

My 2009's gift from uni besties~ so sweet of them hehe^^ I've worn it a few times since then but being the lazy sloth that I am, I tend to minimize my outfits and accessories because I need to get to class on time:P

2008's gift from the boy~ love, shopping and God; the centers of my life. I get worried whenever I put this one as I'm afraid that one of the pendants' ll drop off-.- Still in the process of expanding this collection but it's sooo expensive laaa lmao

Can you guess what's in this mystery pack?O.o

Playing around with my camera's applications~ no need photoshop liaoXD

Half of my earring collection~ of which, I rarely wear (but I should!)

Voila! Blueberry muffin Ms. J got me for breakfast but I didn't eat it until dinner time because I was too full from lunch (feta cheese cubes are not diet-friendly lol). So sweet of her^^

Back to practicing my presentation. I dislike time limits *sighs*

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