Monday, May 9, 2011

Where to eat?

Ok ok, I know that I have been MIA for sooo long due to all the pre-placement preparations + internship applications but I still did manage to snap pics wherever I goxP

First up: my dinner whenever I feel uninspired to cook. Veges with tofu and poached egg, added with a sprinkle of pepper and some soy sauce...would have done better with some spicy chilli paste:p Plus, it's good for my wallet diet^^ Me craving for shopping after diet-ing soo looong ady

My homemade french apple tart: made from short crust, apple compote and caramelized apple slices:) Taste was not too bad overall but I still need to work on my pastry shaping techniques..can't make it too thick otherwise there won't be enough space for the filling.

Caramel~ made from slightly burnt sugar with water...took me some time to get a good consistency but alas, I think I have found the trick to it..shall post it up next time if it's a still a success;)

Creme caramel custard~ Was kinda egg-ie from the first time. Could be because I have added an egg a lil later..probably needs a bit more sugar to:) what do you think?

My friends and I had an international dinner pot luck event yesterday..korean, western, chinese..I love having international friends!!:D

Roast turkey, fried fish, fried rice, mashed potatoes, korean taugeh, salmon trout..yum yum:)

Korean roast pork~ sooo sinful yet tastyxP

This was Friday's dinner made by the boy~ Pan fried steak with mushroom and onion gravy served with blanched cauliflower:D Sooo good ^^

I've also went to a famous schnitzel pub restaurant. Quite good for $19.50:)

Chilli infused burger patty~

Beef with mushroom sauce~

Chicken with cracked pepper sauce~


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