Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celcius restaurant, Gouger Street

Located beside Gaucho's Restaurant, this outlet certainly has the classy factor. The interior design is very vintage goth like and although there was a fair amount of people that night, it wasn't overly noisy:)

Prices are moderate for fine dining. The chef recommends having a degustation experience in order to get the best of each dish. Fortunately for me, my sister and the boy decided to go "degustate" themselves so I was able to nibble on a bit of each.

I wasn't too happy with the kitchen though because it took forever for our food to arrive. Maybe we were expected to slowly enjoy our food but we were really hungry monsters that night:X

I have really bad memory so please don't be upset with the lack of descriptions here:( I'll try my best!

Salt and vinegar chips~ not bad if you happen to like sour-ish substances like me:)

That's parsley butter and normal butter~ not wasabi!!

Crab (8 course degustation)~ Quite impressive. Highly recommended

icantremembersopleasedon'tkillme (5 course)~ errmm...quite fancy although I didn't like something from the dish. Everything's edible though:)

Crispy chicken skin with artichokes (8 course)~ It's alright. I think the soup's made of wolfberries though:D

Milk skin with lamb? (8 course)~ not too bad. The milk skin didn't really taste like milk (so it's good!^^)

62celcius egg with some chicken pieces (5 course)~ the egg was very impressive. It was boiled but not hard-boiled so it oozed egg yolk liquid when you prick the membrane. The egg white was soft but not liquid-ish:)

Mulloway fish (8 course)~ not bad. I found it a little salty for my liking but I still enjoyed it overall:)

Veal with pumpkin pieces and rhubard jelly (8 course)~ this dish was a little too complicated for my understanding so I didn't appreciate it much:S

Lamb ( 5 course)~ not bad!:)

Hanhdorf venison (8 course)~ please don't ask me what's the black sauce because I personally have no idea what is it made of:S

Duck breast~ The duck was soft and juicy but I didn't like the pink-ish blood oozing out of the meat when I cut it. However, the calamari was nicely cooked and not rubbery:)

Carrot cake (8 course)~ hmm....the ice cream tasted like rosemary (which was rather interesting for me). Overall, I wouldn't recommend it:S

Lime sorbet with pistachio sauce and sponge cake served with a dollop of almond cream (8 course)~ I liked the lime sorbet heaps. Very refreshing!:)

Chocolate biscuit crumbs served with sugar pieces and vanilla ice cream with custard~ the chocolate was nice but I didn't like it with the custard:S

This weekend has been soo tiring for me (and I reckon next week would be equally challenging). I may not be able to post up as often but I would be able to post up pictures (without the details though!) I'm excited for the coming week but yet, I feel soooo lazy!XD

Have a lovely week ahead peeps^^

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