Monday, May 30, 2011

Macaroon-ing with Italian meringue

I was recommended to attempt macaroons using the Italian meringue method. Recipe was accessed from the Masterchef website, composed by Adriano Zumbo. He's an amazing dessert dude and I would really love to be his apprentice:D

The macaroons didn't turn out well in the end because I was unable to beat the egg whites into stiff peaks after adding the sugar syrup. get a stand mixer if you want to attempt the Italian method otherwise make sure you have very strong and fast whipping skillsO.o

Ground almonds, icing sugar and egg whites after sieving~

Step 1 completed

Egg yolks anyone? I would suggest using them to make the buttercream filling or you could make creme brulees with them:)

Aged egg whites in soft peaks~

My previous $45 gel colours~ the colours are very vibrant and you only need a small amount to create beautiful colour-ed macaroons:)

Almost melted all the sugar in hot water~ yeap, I've got myself a sugar thermometer. Digital thermometers are more accurate though:)

I like the colour heaps^^

After piping / before destruction~

Dark chocolate ganache with passionfruit puree~ I should have used a sweeter chocolate base:(

All in all, I would re-attempt making macaroons again this week (after getting more egg whites) but will be using the French method...time to spam colouring^^

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