Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nine Taiwanese Dessert House, CBD MELB

In comparison to my siblings and close friends, I am often pointed out as the "oriental" kid of the pack. Not because of my Asian heritage but more so because I tend to listen to Asian songs a lot and at times, can come across as someone who's been brought up from a Chinese orientated school.

No Chinese schools for me, hence I doubt I can ever pull off a decent conversation in Mandarin. As for the Chinese songs, I find it soothing and comforting, strangely.

Despite taking a fancy for westernized types of cakes, I do enjoy traditional Chinese desserts such as silken, sweetened tofu or sweet soup aka tong sui. Nine Taiwanese Dessert House has been around since my first visit to Melbourne back in 2011 and serves quite an impressive array of Asian types of sweets.

Bubble tea - one of my favourite weekend treats.

Grass jelly no. 4 - grass jelly, sago, mashed taro, taro and sweet potato balls. Not too sure about the addition of cream/ milk but I did enjoy the cooling aftereffects from taking this combination. Not sure how to explain this sensation as its probably a saying coined by Chinese medicinal doctors in the past and rarely expressed these days. Try eating something spicy followed by a grass jelly or chilled barley drink afterwards and maybe that might paint a better picture.

Soy tofu no. 5 - tofu was a little grainy to my liking but still satisfying nonetheless.

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