Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home 5: Attack of the snacks!

Malaysia is certainly home to various types of finger foods regardless of which state you end up in.Having spent 3 weeks in Malaysia, I realized that my tummy always gets hungry around tea time or before meals and I would be desperately craving for something light to nibble on.

Xmas's triffle~not my personal favourite but recommended for those who likes jelly with swissrollcakes and cream:)

Vegetarian pasta with chunks of honey ham~ hahaha...I had to add the ham in otherwise the pasta's tasteless without well though:)

Egg tart~zomgosh..absolute love! Soft and sweet on the inside, complimenting the crunchy outer layer. Best eaten fresh out of the oven!

My dad's mushroom gravy noodles~best in the world:) Fishcake pieces with slices of chinese mushrooms and veges to complete the meal. Best without the added coriander that is

Take 2~leftovers for the next day

Bacon fried rice with peas, carrots and corn~simple meal:)

Rice dumpling~love love love especially the ones with mushrooms, pork and salted egg in it..definitely will miss this heaps

The inside~sorry about the bad pictures but its the best that I could manage without making the dumpling look retarded hehe

Tambun biscuit delivery from the boy~oohh my favourite penang cookie! I love the fried onion fragrance that comes from each bite. Its also small enough to fit into the mouth,perfect for walking around the house while munching on it:)


Albert said...

and wheres the beh teh saw????? LOL all eaten?

Michelle said...

Ermm..not yet...tambun more wanted lolxD Soon ba^^