Sunday, January 23, 2011

Out and about 10: SS17 food hunt

Aikz! Another 2 more days before my departure and I can't seem to complete my to-do list at all..where's my big apple/ donuts?! So little time left but one has to make full use of the opportunities given:)

Prawn soup noodles, MYR4~ savoury but needs more soup as the noodles were slightly dry>< Generous portions of fish cake slices, prawns and fried shallots:)

Beansprouts and some vege:)

Mum insisted on buying some nyonya kuih to stuff me up with before my flight and so, she did! There weren't many kuihs to choose from as the better ones were already sold out. I desperately want my red ang ku, seri muka, kuih dadar, onde onde, pulut tai tai:(

Pandan flavoured ang ku~not bad but the red one's the best for me:)

pat thong koh~ this one's not the best I have tasted so far. Not light and fluffy but instead, oily.

Coffee flavoured layered kuih~ saving this for tomorrow's brunch:)

No idea what's this supposed to be~guess I could afford a tummy ache before wednesday?XD

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