Thursday, January 20, 2011

Out and about 9: Fishball feast

As today's a public holiday, dad decided to bring us for a fishball soup noodles meal at a shop located along Atria Shopping centre:) The fishballs have a different texture compared to factory ones. My dad thinks they used a different type of fish but heck, it's awesomexD

Fishball soup noodles, MYR4.50~ fishballs with fishcake and hokkien mee with bihun:) Mum always insists that we use 2 sauce dishes: 1 for the chilli sauce and the other for the dry chilli with soy sauce lol:D

The side view~abundance of veges!!

Fried fishcakes~these are must haves for my family. Slightly crisp on the outside and firm, yet soft on the inside:)

The extra sides~tofu, fried tofu, bitter gourd with fish paste:)

My "snacks"~yes, I've been pigging out a lot these past few days, knowing that I'll miss all the yummy food here. Sighs. Here's a simple sugar-ed doughnut:)

Green bean biscuit~kinda reminds me of tambun biscuit except way bigger. Haha. I like this a lot when I was younger. I used to eat the outer layer first become nibbling on the filling:)

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