Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Melbourne escape part 4: Tiamo

Day 4 was yet another hectic day but this time, we were at the museum. Why? Tutankhamun's final world tour ends in Melbourne before heading back to Cairo. Being a huge fan of Egypt since young, I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity despite the pouring morning rain:))

The museum exhibited a vast variety of artifacts (but no mummies) and visitors were given an insight of the pharaoh's life. Lots of myths going on:)

We exited the museum after 2 hours (yea, there were heaps to read) and walked to Tiamo, another recommended outlet by a Melbournian friend. Service was excellent and this outlet can get busy fairly quick.


Caesar salad~ average standards although I was expecting more..

Pizza with olives, sliced pieces of ham and mushrooms~ oven-roasted to perfection:)

Tiramisu~ strong coffee essence but the cream was unnecessary though...I think the cake stands fine by itself:)

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