Thursday, November 17, 2011

Macarons from Java Joint

Java Joint? What the heck is that??? Has somebody lost her mind after the MM test?

Well, no. I had a fantastic day today although I have this strange regret of not guessing a few questions for the MCQ test (guessing = negative marking) which I KNEW were correct-.- dammit, I'm such a contemplating freak.

As we were on our way home, we passed this little coffee outlet right next to the Hindley police station. I had some doubts about this place as it didn't look as inviting as Gloria Jean's or Hudson's Coffee. The boy decided to drag me in to try their macarons.

Much to my surprise. It actually looked decentO.O"

So he bought a few back home. Flavours are rose, pistachio, passion fruit, lemon, caramel and mocha.

It looks decent in terms of shape and consistency, right??!!

I've tried the pistachio flavour~ the macaron shell was slightly soft but it did have sufficient hardness (?) when touched. Melts-in-your-mouth goodness. I have also tried the caramel and lemon flavours which had really tasty fillings and fantastic shells (highly recommended!!).

I have yet to try the other three flavours but I am positive that they taste good. The owner's partner made the macarons (must get macaron shell secret from herT.T) and they do make different shaped macarons upon request:)

Apparently they have just started selling macarons in the shop, adding more variety to the other types of convenient food like sushi rolls, sandwiches, coffee, cakes and muffins. May pop by over one day to try some of their homemade cakes:p


bonny b said...

Beware of these sugar bombs....may blow up yr pancreas in no time...

iliuh.l.a said...

omg! how did i miss this??? i walk that place pretty much every day! must go check it out asap =p

han said...

This is from the shop where u got those macarons. Thanks for ur review and hope u enjoyed others as well.
But I have to's Java Joint, not Point.

Michelle said...

Han>> oops! Apologies for the posting the wrong name>< Have already corrected it:)) hehe

han said...

Thanks a lot!!!