Saturday, May 26, 2012

Party food

Just 2 weeks ago, a group of random siblings decided to host a nice dinner "party" for someone dear to us but we had no idea what to bring. It's not really a matter of what to bring, depending on the cuisine, but more about convenience and fool-proof ideas.

I doubt anybody would want to slave over a hot grill whilst the crowd is having a ball in their own world! Definitely not. You want something snappy but yet impressive and tasty:)

Let's get our basics right. Despite lacking in time, one must use fresh ingredients because freshness is the key to tastiness (more intense flavour and vibrant, eye-catching colour). Also, you wouldn't want your guest to know that you're cooking using leftovers!

Another rule would be to add as much colour to your dishes. Not only does it look more interesting but you may be lucky enough to get your guests salivating prior to dining;)

As an appetizer, I chose to do a simple dip (infinite choices in the supermarket!) with slices of capsicum, carrots and cucumber. Healthy :D The dip that I picked consists mostly of yoghurt and does not have much salt added to it (check the label).

You may also prepare mexican tacos for a bit more variety or finger food like mini ciabatta (or other types of bread) with any toppings you want (salmon, avocado etc etc) but remember, don't make your guests too filled up before the mains!!

One of our mains was beehoon with cabbage, dried shrimps and chinese mushrooms. A bit of variety won't hurt too much;)

And then we had stuffed squid with cooked rice in chorizo and onions. Could have added more filling but I wasn't really thinking straight at the supermarket. Note to self, make a shopping list to help decide!!

Lastly, pizza. One of the easiest and yet, has the most variety of toppings. Suitable for either vegetarians, vegans or even carnivores!!:)

To end the fabulous night on a good note, desserts is a must! Here's a simple supermarket bought marble cake or if you prefer to make something, jellies, mousses or trifle are excellent ideas:)

Don't forget your daily dose of vitamins for maximal health!!:))

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