Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taiwan day 1: Airasia and Fu Hau hotel

For my first blog post about my trip, I think it would be wiser to dissect it down to what we did on a daily basis so that I can provide more detail about the trip rather than rush through my narrations. So let's begin...

I booked my flight tickets through AirAsia as it offered a good price for travelling from Adelaide to Taiwan, despite having to transit over in Kuala Lumpur for at most 40 minutes. The seats were comfortable and there's plenty of leg space for the sister and I. Ordering our food when we booked the tickets saved us a few dollars and we figured, might as well have a bit of food onboard rather than starve throughout the journey.

No entertainment or blankets provided on board but you can easily purchase it from the flight attendants. Alternatively, bring a reasonably thick cardigan and wear long pants/jeans to prevent yourself from freezing on board. A few passengers brought their laptops/ ipads to keep them entertained. The sister and I spent our time chatting to pass time.

So if you are wondering how's the food like on AirAsia, it's pretty yummy despite costing a bit more than what you get from your favourite restaurant/ cafe but mind you, it will stop your hungry tummy from grumbling. Also comes with a small bottle of water. We have upgraded our meal and had an additional slice of brownie and apple juice but it's not necessary.

Picture above is chicken briyani. Was yummy for something that's being served thousands of feet up in the sky.

Chicken teriyaki, on the other hand, was decent but after tasting the other dishes served on AirAsia, it's probably not my first pick :p

Nasi lemak is a must have. Been recommended to try it out by my friend and after sampling it, I give it my stamp of approval. You get a few pieces of chicken, sambal, half a boiled egg, peanuts and fried anchovies on fragrant coconut rice. Order this and you will not regret it!

Whisking through Taoyuan's international airport was a breeze. Clean and efficient probably best describes it. After picking up our luggage, we caught a taxi to our hotel, Fu Hau Hotel. Not all taxi drivers understand English so I would recommend obtaining the chinese characters for your hotel's accommodation or anywhere else you intend on going, just in case. Pronouncing it differently can worsen the situation.

From memory, the three of us paid NTD1,300/ $aud48 but you can definitely save cost by catching the train. At 11.30pm, we couldn't be too fussy though :/

Fu Hau's hotel receptionist was very accommodating and spoke good English so it simplified our check-in process. Got to our room and admittedly, it is smaller than expected. Beds were fairly large for us and snacks and bottled water were provided. Gotta love their attention to detail:)

Not surprisingly, the sister was starving after our long flight from Adelaide to Taiwan and she insisted on exploring the nearby 7-11 convenience shop downstairs. Most 7-11s serve ready made food that one could easily pick and go as well as a wide range of instant noodles.

So that was day 1 in Taiwan. Will be blogging about the next day soon;)

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