Friday, January 8, 2016

Il Tempo, CBD MELB

Having heard numerous positive reviews about the restaurants along Degraves street, it was a no-brainer for us to grab a meal there just before we head home. The staff were very friendly and helpful but after placing our orders, I personally felt as though their customer service had slowly disappeared, perhaps in the wake of the influx of customers for dinner.

What started off as a $7 alcoholic beverage (yes, for that tiny amount) turned into a $12 drink when we asked for the bill. Upon questioning, we were told that we were given an alternative as the one we had ordered was not available. As we were in the company of elderly visitors from overseas, we decided to let it go and not kick a fuss.

Note to future diners: double check the price of your drinks before ordering and triple check it when the bill comes. $12 for a small glass of diluted alcohol is not reasonable at all and to 1) not be informed of the beverage's availability before ordering and 2) to still be charged a ridiculous amount when the prices are clearly wrong is just NOT acceptable.

Pan seared salmon with fennel and citrus ~ despite the disappointing service, I would admit that the food is good here. The salmon was cooked to perfection aka crisp skin and slightly translucent fleshed.

Hawaiian pizza ~ each piece of thinly sliced ham was carefully layered onto the pizza dough and generously garnished with shredded cheese. I like my pizza dough to have a thin-ish consistency that borders on doughy and I think this fits the bill.

Spaghetti carbonara ~ I admire the fact that the chef makes the pasta from scratch, a feat that is becoming increasingly rare these days. This dish was sinfully creamy but well balanced by the salty bacon and sharp cheese flavours. Only downside is that the portion is a tad small for $25 :(

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