Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Name, Oakleigh MELB

Lately I have not been diligently bringing my camera out with me, especially on days whereby I have been to before on numerous events. I still do love my DSLR camera but somehow, I have not been inspired into my photographer-wannabe mode. Which might explain the rare blog posts which sees me relying heavily on my iphone to create magic.

And this has to be one of them. We had a change of plans at the very last minute and so, I had nothing on me but my iphone. I will let you be the judge on whether I have done justice to the food served here;)

Oakleigh is my new found favourite place to escape to whenever I am in the mode for non-Asian cuisines. Also proves that I am still "living the life" by hanging out at places that are still buzzing late at night:p

Hawaiian pizza ~ I like how the crust is not too chewy and thick but rather, thin and fluffy..The pieces of ham were carefully layered over each other and the addition of pineapple cubes served as a moisture medium. Oozing with cheesy goodness and arrived on our table straight from the oven. Thumbs up.

Seafood tower ~ the bunch of us were not overly hungry and decided to order this dish as well, the Greeks are known for their attachment to protein from the sea. Bottom layer consisted of mussels cooked with smoked salmon and accompanied by a fragrant broth. Mussels were fresh albeit slightly on the smaller size.

The middle layer of this seafood tower consisted of seared scallops cooked in parsley butter, battered fish and calamari rings ~ the battered fish was the favourite among the table. Why you ask? Well, we liked the bread like crust texture that is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Top tiered is home to a decent serve of chips and deep fried prawns. Plus points for chips that are not soaking in oil and for prawns that are not overcooked:)

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