Friday, April 14, 2017

Industry Beans, Fitzroy MELB

Very rarely do I venture into suburbs located just next to the CBD area as I find it such a hassle to hop onto a train and then onto a tram to get my destination. Am secretly glad WL is an expert around the area else I would be extremely lost.

Having said that I did have this brunch spot on my radar and finally got to tick it off after such a long time. Crowded like any other brunch spots but thankfully, customer turnover is decent and so, seating is less of a chore in smaller groups.

Boba iced coffee - skeptical as always, I hesitated at the prospect of it turning out to be a nightmare but when WL's sister ordered it and I managed a sip, I changed my mind. Reminded me of traditional bubble teas, except more refined and sweetness level has been toned down a few notches.

Latte - strong, just the way I like it when I am weak and in great need to be caffeinated.
Marinated rare beef - puffed quinoa, pickled onion, sriracha aioli, peanut crusted eggs and fried capers. A protein packed meal perfect for feeding the muscles after an intense gym session. Would have liked the meat to be served warm but I suppose it is akin a salad, no?

Cinnamon dusted brioche - tonka bean creme patisserie, chard pineapple, maple roasted peanuts, strawberry gel and coffee caviar. Was I glad WL's sister wanted to try this (and share it with the rest of us) because I would never be able to stomach this much sugar in the morning. Am a big fan of cinnamon and brioche so this was a no brainer favourite of mine. Not overly sweet and fruity flavours were quite evident on the palate.

Truffled eggs - zucchini ribbons, enoki mushroom, pea panna cotta, artichoke crisps, coffee cornbread crumbs, almond cous cous and pesto. Panna cotta was delish and provided a good backdrop to the otherwise complex flavoured dish. One can only wonder about the amount of time spent on preparing each individual component of the dish and presentation wise, it was worth the effort. Perfect play on textural elements here.

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