Saturday, January 27, 2018

Japan: Uobei Sushi Dogenzaka TOKYO

Second time in Tokyo and this time, I wanted to test out as many conveyor belt sushi outlets possible. Had been out shopping and knowing that I would end up in the Shibuya area, it was fortunate that Uobei sushi is within walking distance albeit having to navigate through a few smaller streets.

Priced at 108yen for most plates, there are a few limited selection plates that can range from 200 to 250yen. Each customer is designated their own ordering ipad and a maximum of 3 items can be ordered at a time, enabling the mini trains to accommodate accordingly.

There are three train tracks in this outlet and they do move very quickly so be careful to avoid injuries (or wasting food). Once diners have removed their plates of sushi from the train, merely press the release button which will send the train back to the kitchen.

Verdict? Definitely a lot more affordable compared to eating in Australia. The bill came up to approximately 20aud per person and we were quite well fed. Won't say that these are the finest cuts in Japan but for the price tag attached, I can't fault them and would happily navigate around Shibuya to get here.

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