Sunday, February 25, 2018

Isshin Japanese House, Forest Hill MELB

The siblings and I rarely do get an opportunity to spend time together and seeing as all of us have now relocated to Melbourne, we headed out for a buffet as our Chinese New Year reunion dinner. A win solution seeing as everyone can order what they want and eat to their heart's content.

At $43, this is a decent price to pay for a Japanese themed buffet that includes a small selection of sashimi, rolls, entrees, mains and desserts. Drinks are not included with the price tag. My word of advice would be to order everything you want when the waitress first takes your order as subsequent orders will be attended to at a much slower pace.

So what did we have *drum rolls*

Pork and vegetable gyoza - because dumplings signify wholeness, an important criteria for us auspicious folks.

Chicken skewers - hmmm...

Premier beef steak - labelled as premier, I am not sure if it does live up to it's name.

Fried rice - just to round off everything we had throughout the evening!

Beef tataki

Edamame - because I love veggies and need my fiber intake

Chicken karaage - a little greasy but still strangely satisfying.

Takoyaki - piping hot and beautifully presented.

Prawn tempura - Fried seafood here is yums

Unagi nigiri - slightly charred but still tasty

Beef tongue - chef may have overdosed the meat with MSG. I personally felt it would have done so much better without it.

Deep fried abalone - didn't get to try this

Salmon and kingfish sashimi - not the freshest or prettiest of cuts but for $43, I am not complaining at the unlimited flow of it.

Soft shell crab rolls - one of my favourite items to order and again, could do better with a bit more crab stuffed into it.

Tuna and prawn nigiri - delicious

Chawan mushi - aka steamed egg custard. Not bad

Fried mochi topped with red bean - at this stage of the meal, I was filled with fried goodness and still managed a bit of this. A little soaked in oil but the red bean paste convinced me to not get overly disappointed.

Matcha and black sesame ice cream -  absolutely loved the black sesame ice cream and even managed to have seconds. 

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