Saturday, October 30, 2010

Across Southeast Asia and more

Chuy'sThai Restaurant, North Adelaide

Probably one of the most convenient, customer friendly and affordable thai outlets in Adelaide. Really chatty chef. I would personally recommend going a bit later/non peak hours if you want to make certain food requests:)

Coconut juice~~can't get enough of this:)

He's obviously too busy drinking:p~

Prawn tomyam~~needs major improvements:/

Pad See Eal~~really taste version of Malaysia's fried char kuey teow..highly recommended:))

Kao Pad Prik~flavourful and generous portions:))

Garlic chicken~~superb tasting of the chef's speciality:)

Thanh & Thanh's Vietnamese food, Chinatown

Cold rolls~~fairly good for city standard

I heart my galaxy for this

Beef soup and fish sauce accompanying my combination broken rice~

Combination broken rice~~yummy + authentic:)

Durian smoothie~~conveniently located in the city so no need to travel to satisfy me craving~


Kimchi fried rice again~~

With egg and some fried korean snack~~bon appetit!!^^~~

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