Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last few holiday days

Here's how I spent the last few days of my jolly midterm holz:)

Day 1:

Breakfast with Michelle!!:))

Kranskies sizzling~

Bread toasting~

Bacon's looking good:)

Doesnt this look like the korean version of pork for grilling?O_O

Mushrooms chinese style:)

Egg thinks mr.benedict will be ashamed of it:(

So we turned to our malaysian way of egg-ing~

The final outcome~~coffee or tea?:D

The boy's morning look~~airbomb attackXD~~hehe

The evening view from my chateau room~~la masterpiece:))

The camwhore at work~~

Meet my buy-perfume-free-versace bag:)

Added with a pink silk scarf~~


Meet Mr.Happy:DD

Nitez all~~

Day 2:

Skipped lunch and ended up in a Chinese buffet restaurant (near Tea Tree Plaza)

The boy happily eating away~~

I jumped straight to dessert (cheesecake, moist choco cake, strawberry and apricot crumble and choco tartlet)~not bad liao!!!:D

My actual dinner~~the tofu's excellent:)

Steamboat included in the package~

Ahahah..the silent sashimi section..surprisingly fresh:)


Think me gained like 3kg that need to exerciseD:

Day 3:

Carwash after grocery shopping~

Colourful soap:)

Rainbow in my heart~~

Ermm..meal between lunch and dinner but simply version~

Kingfish curry for dinner:)

Subak/watermelon for dessert~~still got heaps more to go:x

Pssst~~rundle mall kookai sale tomorrow (tues 5/10/2010) 50% off on selected items;P Guess this'll motivate me to go uni tomorrow~w~"

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