Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blanc bar and bistro

My second fine dining experience in Adelaide and I was looking forward to it. Blanc is conveniently located in The Village, North Adelaide. The ambience is charming except for the group of loud peeps sitting next to us. Service is moderate.

On the plate: butter, olive oil and butter~

As we waited for our meals to arrive, I've decided to go ahead practising my indoor photography skills. I took heaps of pictures and filtered out the decent ones:)

The huge piece of bread~

Seafood au volvent (if I remembered correctly)~ This was an impressive appetizer although it was slightly messy.

While we waited for the mains to arrive~

Bug chilli bla bla~ it looks..scary-.- I'm not sure if I appreciated the flavours but I hope someone else didO.o

Seafood platter~ Honestly, this was pretty simple to prepare and it lacked good presentation skills. If I wanted a simple seafood platter, I would have ate this at the jetty where I do not need to adhere to some dress code rules and it would definitely be wayyy cheaper. The calamari was rubbery and according to my brother, the mussels wasn't cooked well.

Pan fried and baked pearl perch fillets with deep fried potatos and french beans, served with peso sauce~ Fresh fish but unfortunately, the entire dish lacked creativity. I didn't like the peso sauce at all-.- I'll probably attempt making dish at home but with a different type of sauce=/

Frozen strawberry souffle~ initial reaction was that the waitress forgot to include the souffle but after waiting for 10 minutes with no response from them...It was strawberry ice blocks. Too frozen to enjoy, no creamy texture and it was sour (nothing to balance that out). I think this is one of the biggest fails of the night. Maybe there are different types of souffle but seriously, whoever that wrote the menu needs a smack in the head. He/she could have just mentioned "Strawberry puree ice cream" or "Strawberry ice cubes". I'm so very disappointed with this. It spoilt my entire evening mood>=( I am able to bear with the main but this is too much to expect from me.

I shall hit the sack now and calm myself down. There's so much preparation needed for tomorrow and hopefully, I don't fumble along the way. Wish me luck!^^

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