Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SE Asia cuisines at home

I'm in a slack-ish mood today after completing an oral test of which, I am super grateful to have not too strict examiners. Hopefully I have provided sufficient information as well as asked the correct questions. I did made blunders ie good morning when it's afternoon and the usage of medical jargons. I knew I would mess up somewhereT.T

After a much delayed, procastinated blog post, I have finally compiled a mini album of the food that I did not cook nor help during the preparation but instead sat at the dining table when the time is right made by the boy and a few by Mr.k-party:) Took me a while to transfer the files around but alas, it's done!

Tom yum bihun noodles served with mushrooms, chicken pieces, cauliflower, bok choy and garnished with kaffir leaves, coriander and chilli flakes~

Korean noodles served with bok choy and crabs in crab/seafood broth~

Malaysian style curry noodles~ generous portions of tau fu pok in creamy curry broth, my dream curry mealxD

Tom yum fried rice~ mushrooms, onions, kaffir leaves, chicken pieces and egg:)

2.5 minute tofu garnished with chopped spring onions and garlic oil, served with soy sauce~ I make this dish whenever I'm busy. It's nothing special but dunno why the boy likes it-.- Is he hinting that my other food sucks big time?O.o

Ingredients for making chicken broth~ We both use heaps of chicken broth in our sauces or noodles so best to prepare in advance and leave it in the freezer:)

Steamed egg with minced pork and garnished with fried shallots and a splash of soy sauce~ I like this very much. It's light and yummy, good for mixing with rice:)

Bbq crab and my bro's fingers~ apparently this was one of our largest catch this season so somebody had to camwhore with it lol.

Fried fish in chilli paste~ I forgot the name of this dish so...hehe. It's veryyyyy nice:P

Omelette topped with marinated chicken pieces~ another egg dish from the boy!:)

Sambal belacan garlic stem~ caution. Not for those with weak stomachs.

Will be uploading more foodie pics soon so stay tuned. May be delayed due to the upcoming exams.

p.s: i'm super duper hyped about my melbourne trip hehe. Ms. A just gave me a mini guide of the must see places in the know laaa~~


augustalolita said...

omh!! so many delicious food that i could only wish to have <3 soo hungry now!

Michelle said...

Thanks! I'm really fortunate to have someone cook for me almost everyday:)