Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue and white Cafe

I used to frequent this place back in my college days as it was the most convenient place to grab a quick bite, especially prior to those crazy exams! When I first arrived in Adelaide back in 2008, my sister was raving (and possibly drooling) so much about this place during the flight that I just had to try it!

True to word, this place serves on of the best snack food in North Adelaide and is a must try especially for visitors and students living in nearby colleges.

Butterfish with tartar sauce~

Tony's quarter pounder burger~ Not your ordinary fast food burger. Stuffed with a juicy beef patty, onion relish, fried sunrise egg, pineapple, lettuce pieces and topped with barbeque sauce, this is not for the small eaters but still, very tasty:D

AB~ pieces of lamb on a bed of chips and topped with barbeque, garlic and chilli sauce (cheese topping is optional). Although it is slightly more expensive than other ABs, the meat is guaranteed to be juicy, succulent and tender! A must try, especially with friends.

Brings back good memories of my earlier years here;) I would miss this place heaps next year!!

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