Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mamak Corner

Mamak food is defined as a Malaysian fast food option for those wanting to chillax (chill + relax) or watch a football game with friends. These outlets spawn around Kuala Lumpur like mushrooms and are usually open up until the wee hours of the morning.

Having had an awkward service during one of my visits here (the particular staff member was probably having a not-so-good day), I do not lie when it comes down to taste and service. Service is efficient and some of the staff members do try their best to make you feel very much at ease whilst dining.

Food tastes good and although some people have complained that the food is not authentic etc etc, it does depend on the particular individual's expectations. This is the place to satisfy your cravings for Malaysian food, not where you would expect fine dining tasting dishes. Please do be mindful of this regardless of where you dine:)

Prices do range depending on what you order but it is considered average for a lunch meal in Adelaide.

Ice kacang~ shaved ice with rose syrup, nuts, beans, corn and a dollop of ice cream. A good way to embrace the incoming heat waves.

Air syrup (red) and air limau (lemon and lime drink)~ I prefer the air syrup (rose syrup drink) as I'm more of a sweet-tooth person :) Air limau is recommended if you would like to feel refreshed after a hot/ stressful day.

Roti canai~ I like the dahl curry served here. Quite good, considering that the cooks are probably amateur chefs:)

Roti telur~

Curry beef with rice~ the portion is certainly generous for this dish. I can barely finish all my rice when I ordered this. Recommended for the hungry diners. Curry is not too spicy for me but to be sure, do check with the cashier/ waiter when placing your orders.

In summary, this place has an ideal location and opens till late everyday (closed on Sundays). It can get crowded during peak hours, so do come before/ after the lunch crowd unless if you intend on doing take-aways. With time and improvements, this place would soon be a favourite among foodies around Adelaide:)

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