Friday, November 30, 2012

Nanyang Cafe

Having not been back to Malaysia for approximately 2 years, I often crave for Malaysian hawker fare here in Adelaide but not many are open whenever I pop by in the city. Aside from Mamak corner and House of Pearl , I can't think of any that opens up late for dinner.

However, I can think of a few places that do open for lunch service and one of them would be Nanyang Cafe. It used to be my go-to cafe when I need a quick fix before/ after university classes. Service can get a tad messy at times but in terms of food, it is decent and sufficient to temporarily keep my craving at bay.

Roast duck in tossed noodles~ reminds me of wanton mee noodles but instead of the wanton (aka dumplings), you get a nice cut of roasted duck. From memory, this only costs about $12 (I think) and was a good portion size to keep me filled.

Seafood wa tan hor~ prawns, fish cakes, crab sticks and a few bits of squid in fat rice noodles, drenched with thickened chicken stock. I like having this with some green pickled chillis as the chillis would make this mono-flavoured dish more flavourful (if that's even the correct way to describe it lol).

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